Executioner needs a buff.

Black Ops II Xbox 360

My suggestion for 3arc:

step 1: Remove the Executioner

step 2: Add Python from Blops 1

step 3: ???

step 4: Profit!!

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i support this, 100%.

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Executionner is fine when used at the right place.

Plaza in the different hallway going toward the bar... really effective

Drone, up and down the many stairs in the different buildings... really effective

Nuketown 2025 inside the houses, really effective

Hijacked in the machinery room or up down the stairs towardss second floor, very effective

Aftermath, Yemen, Carrier, forget it

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I've had some of my best Executioner games on Carrier. People don't expect anyone to run around them, so easy headshots.

I would say the Executioner is fine, But I'd be lying to my self so I can keep the gold Executioner to my self. It does need more range.

With that being said, mind, I have no issue using it suppressed.

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you have gold too?

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Nobody expects the guy with the Diamond Executioner behind them. One of the only reasons I play SND is to hear the reactions

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cool i have diamond pistols too it is a great accomplishment.

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1. thats not a buff

2. i would support an actual buff (like add damage/range)

3. python would create 0 profit

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It could use a buff but it is a really good pistol it is just that no one knows how to use it.

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I think the problem is core. I think the pistol is OK on HC.

Core I have to be in knifing range for a OHK. If not it is minimum 2HK, if more than 7 feet away you can fire all 5 shots and not kill the person. Not a massive deal, but given its 5 round capacity and its extremely long reload time it makes it a huge problem.

It needs one of its downsides fixed. My choice would be to slightly buff the range and tighten spread.

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