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Hey guys,

Ever since the map pack came out and that update i have been finding it hard to get into a game, keeps popping up with "error modifiing session"...and when i do finally get into a game i get a 2-3 bar connection and its real laggy

Anyone else geitting this, all my clan are getting it to...

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Re: Error?

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Yes - very prominent over past 4 days. If it makes any diff I'm from Australia. There was the same topic in the forum yesterday. No one seems to know exactly what this error means. Use the Search function and you'll see your not alone.

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Re: Error?

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It doesnt help if we create 30 threads on the same subject, search.

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Re: Error?

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had it last night not for long though backed out and then it worked fine.... made me host for the next 10 games too

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