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Any help i can't use the Elite web site i use Chrome and have JAVA and Adobe up to date. When i use the site it just states too may redirects, is there a quick fix or is it just for console use now?

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I have yet to be able to get it to show using Firefox. I just use the xbox.

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I use Firefox but I have no problem loading the Elite website.

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i use chrome, and i have yet to have any troubles loading ELITE and i only ever update my java or adobe when something tells me it can't work untill i do, have you tried re-installing chrome?

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Re: Elite website

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You know what is truly amazing?

ATVI has an incredibly good customer service reputation in the media ... but they can't put together a site for stats that's worth a burger flipped onto the floor.

But EA can put a site together with more info and that works great while being named the worst company in America.

Now that is truly amazing.

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