EMPs are OP/Broken, does NOT take skill, Proof inside!

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TL_Bare_B_V2 wrote:

EMPs have to be strong with the pick-10 system the point you spend on the EMP could be used for a perk or a gun something other players will think is more valuable.

Exactly.  Situational items have to be powerful.  What I'm mildly surprised is that some players moan at how powerful the EMP grenade is when taking out an AGR when it takes two EMP grenades (not the thread author), while one accurate C4 will do the trick.  I could easily constantly equip C4, perhaps a second one with Danger Close, and Scavenger during the match so I don't need to switch to an EMP grenade class as I don't always equip EMP grenades.  Which setup benefits me more?  The C4 method.  A lot of people who spam EMP grenades appear to be after a hitmarker using it as a makeshift Portable Radar from what I've seen as it appears to be a getaround with players who use Cold Blooded as Sensor grenades are useless in this situation.

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If something is "broken and overpowered" they would not have things to counter them. That's like saying that the Swarm Scorestreak is broken and OP.  All you have to do is use a counter for something that is an issue for you instead of screaming NERF!

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the blast radius of the stun, flash, and emp are all 512 inches however the effects and damage decrease from center of explosiom are curremtly not known, but is estimated to be at least 1hp at the very end of their blast radius

in additiom, the grenade, semtext, betty, claymore and c4 are all have a blast radius of 256 imches, with the exceptiom of of thr semtex, they all have max damage of around 200 (c4 has 205 max damage) and min damage of 50-70(c4 has 70 min damage at end of explosion radius).the only difference in damage between a frag and c4 is that c4 has 5 more max damage and 20 more m in damage. i forget what the damage of the semtex is....i think its max is 150...gotta double check

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i think part of the problem is you can actually see the emps shockwave radius as where u camt see stun or flash explosive radius so it appears the emp has a bigger radius than the others.

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Proof is subjective. I don't think theyre any better than flashbangs, and they actually have a place now.

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The emp is not OP, I have yet to ever die to the explosion from it ever nor have it ever kill someone directly even when it goes off near them in hardcore. I have had the ocassionaly shock nade kill someone when it goes off, but most of the time that does not even kill anyone directly. unless is a direct impact or they have been hurt allready.

I think the OP just wants the size of the explosion reduced so it will not destroy equipment as easy like the TI when placed outside some where and someone randomly tosses a emp nade.

What really is OP is all the complaints about certain equipment being OP and needing to be nerfed. When really it is just someone upset they died by anything other than a gun shot.

The only people that want the emp reduced is those that try to camp like the worm did on hijacked. And for that reason alone it should not be reduced at all.

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stun, concussion, and emp all have same blast radius of 512 inches, i think the problem is you can actually see the size of the emp explosion and not so much the others. the damage and duration of effects differ depending on where in the explosive range you are and havent been defined as of yet, yet the emp doesnt seem to have a decrease in damage to equipment or scorestreaks at its outer most range as its damage to a player is estimated to be at least 1hp at end of radius. ill have to see for sure if when you are empd at the end of its range if the hud, and your sights are affected like they would be if you were within the immediate impact zone, meaning duration in seconds you are without them. the counter to emp nades, hardwired completely negates the emp affect as where tactical mask you still get a small stun,flash,or shock if hit by one of those tacticals. i mentioned some of this before in the post.

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I've been killed by several EMPs. Mostly friendly ones. Hell I think I have more deaths to tactical nades than anyone else on this game. Probably because I do a good job of popping up in unexpected places

But yes I agree the EMP nade is not OP its just fine. I get hit by em all the time and they dont bother me.

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Bielsalmighty wrote:

I've been killed by several EMPs. Mostly friendly ones. Hell I think I have more deaths to tactical nades than anyone else on this game. Probably because I do a good job of popping up in unexpected places

and the fact we play with dave  

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