EMPs are OP/Broken, does NOT take skill, Proof inside!

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Your post is pointless because you also missed the point. This is not a discussion about tactical grenades not having counters, they do. I'm better than the average player and can definitely hold my own, so I don't need you to tell me that about this game.

In fact, it's because you guys don't even understand this discussion that leads me to wonder if you're all just stupid or bad at this game. But that doesn't help my case, so let me reiterate:


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That is like the third time you have changed what this discussion is about.

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So what it doesn't take precision. YOu can usually return fire and see the enemy and have full movement. The only thing it does to you is disable your sights if you use them and remove the hud and not allow you to use a scorestreak for a few seconds. If you get flashed or stunned you you might as well bake a cake as long as those effects last. Talk about not taking skill. At that point you have time to check your corners, calmly walk up to the player and donkey punch him. And no it doesn't take skill to throw it close enough for those effects. The range on emps is not that big, and since its effects are minimal it is fine the way it is. I would say remove all lethals and tacticals and make everyone run around with a gun. Because in general lethals, and tacticals don't take skill.

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Your whole arguement was made in a bubble and is beyond silly when taken in the context of any other tactical in the game.  It is nothing more than a blatant I just don't like having to deal with EMP grenades rant because I don't.  Flash and Concussion grenades have a larger blast radius than the EMP grenade.  Ergo why it's easier to affect yourself with them than it is an EMP.  So your point about it taking no precision is ludicrous when you consider that other tacticals take even less precision and have a much greater impact on the enemies ability to fight back and move.  You simply do not like having to give up points to defend yourself or your scorestreaks from them.  It's that simple.  Quit crying that the game wasn't built to make how you want to play a superstar.  Learn to adapt.

PS:  The next title will have something in it that forces you to adapt again.  So if it's too much trouble for you then don't buy it and thank yourself later.

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emps are definetly overpowered but i still love to spam the hell out of them !

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So to answer my questions - did you record this clip in Theater mode and also see the death on the KillCam whilst actually in the game?

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ive seen that happen a few times with stun and flash grenades from that distance....usually when i have been hurt enougb or the enemy has been as well. ive rocked the emp nade simce mw3 before it was the "cool" thing to do, i mainlg used it to explode above a flag area to get hitmarkers so i knew where enemies where in domination if i couldnt see the flag. with that said unlocked the emp nade  first go around when the game came out and got exited u could get 2. they buffed it up abit from mw3 whicb was awesome as well. but i knew after awhile it would be something everyone was complaining about. between core and hardcore i probably have 10-11 direct impact kills from the emp nade, with maybe one of them not actually hitting the enemy. all of them are from bei g tossed at a distance at a group of enemies tactical loitering an area.i havent seen an explosive kill from that far away and ive beem on the receiving  end of flash,stun,shock charge,betty, and c4 direct impacts. like someone said, its like a 1 in a million chance of happening or it was a random glitch. its not like youve died over 300 times from being hit with the flash of an emp nade, its not gamebreaking because of the actual rarity of how many times it occurs within a certain number of instances. if we are going to complain about silly things, lets talk about the combat axe being an instant kill from being hit anywhere. i love dyimg from it hitting my hand or bouncing off a wall, the ground and sticking in my shin. yet again that happens so few and far inbetween its not a big deal, just for comparison though. back to the emp nade tbough, iwonder if the speed its moving at from the distance its thrown causes it to increase in damage on direct impact and if ur standing still or moving toward or away from it causes any difference. gotta go check proboards for equipment stats now. 

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OP, you're clearly trying to guide the topic to prove your point. you're telling us to disregard hardwired and forget about the fact that you were killed by an EMP.

We understand your frustration and getting killed by the EMP and the seemingly newb qualities of the EMP but you have to take a look at their actual function as a tactical and why they still behave the way they do.

i think the most important thing to point out is the sentry gun, which can no longer be rushed and knifed, and has a disturbingly long lifespan, kills faster than any gun in this game, and has enough health that an entire clip from an mk48 with FMJ cant kill it. now you could argue that the black hat is there for that reason, but the blackhat takes far too long, leaves you exposed and you have to be fairly close to use it against a senty, guardian or AGR.

     so you introduce the EMP which can be lobbed a good distance, and blast an area destroying all senteries and euipment therin allowing you to rush in for an OBJ cap. and it does all this with MINIMAL effect to any enemy players, it does the EXACT same ammount of DAMAGE within the exact same RANGE as flash, or stun. beyond that range it only has the EMP effect whish at best is an inconvienience to enemy players. ( i personally rarely use anything other than iron sights but even when i do i can still play very well while EMP'd )

     as far as why its able to reach through walls... ever stood in front of a sentery gun for more than 3 seconds and survived? it NEEDS to reach through walls so you can avoid being cooked or shredded by enemy scorestreaks.

the one thing i agree with 100% on your post was that the effect of your own EMP should last as long as it would for an enemy.

and then there's the question as to why they

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Good first post.  FMJ doesn't work against Sentry Guns or Guardians though.

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EMPs have to be strong with the pick-10 system the point you spend on the EMP could be used for a perk or a gun something other players will think is more valuable.

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