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When Nuketown 2025 is released with other DLC (Not announced but I am sure it will be), then it will go into rotation with those maps as well.

And no. You are suggesting far too many modes which will make Matchmaking impossible. Get friends together and play private games with your rules if that is what you want to do.

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At least core has the option to even play the map. No love for the red headed step children over here.

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Noobtown will not be put in regular rotation anytime soon. And people can only access the bonus list if they have the map.

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Of course they will not do this any time soon. Why?

Because Nuketown 2025 is available only to a select number of people who preordered the game and got a code in the box. Making it in public playlist would cause you to be able to play only with other people who have Nuketown 2025. It would fragment matchmaking worse than it already is.

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