Disappearing Primary Weapon.

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Let's get this out of the way that I usually play BO2 on Wii U, and we have no map pack yet. My Wii U is currently away, so I played BO2 on the Xbox 360. My brother had purchased the Revolution Map Pack. Me, not ever using the Peackeeper, equipped it and used it for about two days. Today, however, everything seemed normal. I was using the Peacekeeper with Fast mag and Suppressor w/ a B23R Reflex sight. At about 5 minutes into the game, I was killed and spawned in with my B23R. I thought I merelt switched weapons in the short amount of time, due to me having Fast Hands Equipped. I switched to a combat knife, and dumbfounded. Went to my class and chose it again. When again, my Primary was nowhere to be found. I died multiple times but the Peacekeeper would not come back. What I want to know, is this a glitch that is specific to the DLC weapon, or if it is also possible for other weapons. 

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