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Diamond KSG

With only 575 kills.  Easist weapon to gold in the game?

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Re: Diamond KSG

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2The snipers apart from the svu only took aroound 325-350 kills to get

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Re: Diamond KSG

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Yeah, I'd say it depends on the skill of the player. I am, what I would consider to be, an average player. I am on the bloodthirsty part of the challenge for the KSG, and I have about 800 kills with it. So, considering that there players much better than myself out there, I'd say it's possible, especially if they were getting the good side of the lag comp system. Where as, when I started with the shotgun, I quickly realized that I am not getting the good side of it.

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Re: Diamond KSG

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the first shotgun was for me the easyest because you dont need to aim perfectly to get the guy killed u walk around a corner and boom kill. ksg is bit more tricky

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