Deranked because of connection glitch?

Black Ops II Xbox 360


I was playing the day of the map pack release and everything was glitchy and slow. It was hard to find a game, I was always getting booted offline. This is understandable though since a lot of people are online downloading the map packs and Treyarchs COD 4 servers can't really hand this. I was playing just a normal game of Domination, my connection suddenly booted me to the main Black ops 2 menu. I couldn't sign back on to xbox live so I thought I would play a system connection match by myself to learn the new maps. I played on that for about 10 minutes. Stoped because I figured I would be able to connect by now wich I was. I connected, and my rank was level 1 no prestige. I was, before the stupid connection glitch, Master Prestige with 7 days played. The funny thing is, is that I still have all my lobby leaderboard stats. I don't think this is just something that will wear off either, because I tried dashboarding, playing a few games, and even playing some private matches. Nothing worked. I am not just sitting a level 1 not ranking up either. I have actualy started to rank up from level 1 from a few of the games that I have played, so it is not just a "only seeable" glitch.

Please help, I put a ton of time and work into getting to Master Prestige and I don't want all of it to go down the drain because of a stupid connection glitch....

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Many people having the same issue, can you post over in this thread so we can all keep each other updated?

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