Dear Treyarch/Activision - the stupidity that is league play and its need to be fixed.

Black Ops II Xbox 360

First, let me preface this my saying that i am not one of the 15 year old kids you find on black ops 2 nor some fanyboy or troll that sits on these boards or online and bitches and moans about everything. I am an adult gamer who plays mostly on weekend nights due to family and work, so any of you 15 year old kids on these boards who want to come on here and try and talk down to me or try or say stuff to try and flame me, don't bother, you will just show your immaturity and lack of intelligence.

I am also able to admit is am not a grea black ops player, average at best and try hard every match, yet usually have mixed results.

Ok, onto League.

Last season I was ranked silver, 4th in my division and put up 60 wins playing maybe 4-5 hours a week due to family and work schedule, which for me is some pretty good stats and carried just over a 1 kdr with it. Well, June 1st roles around and the league reset itself once more (which is really kinda stupid to keep resetting) and i logon and start my 5 play in matches.

Match 1. Hardpoint - we win within 3 minutes after the other team all rage quit. i literally was 1 kill / 0 deaths... the other team just never showed up, the most kills on my team was 2. But we got the win.

Match 2. Hardpoint - NOW, my entire team leaves after about 3 minutes due to their "feelings getting hurt" or "not wanting to ruin their KDR" and i am left 1v4 and try my best but the other team had a master or two on it and i was just completely outgunned and ended up in an unfair game.

Match 3. S&D: Not sure what the hell was going on with either 1 player or black ops last night but EVERYONE for almost all the matches was were red, one bar and couldn't move or was glitching all over the screen and just ended up with a horrible connection and lost going 4-6 kdr.. not sure what the hell was going on..

Match 4. S&D: ended up on a team that a.) didn't talk at ALL b.) had no idea how to play and i ended up losing again and was usually in a 1v4 situation, i think i was like 4-8

Match 5: CTF - we win, i have an even kdr and have to suffer through some people on the other team rage quiting, but leaving us with a win.


So, i was 2-3, basically with a 1 KDR in my 2 wins, which is how i played last season and maybe a .75 kdr in my 3 loses because of crappy connections and teammates.

So what happens, i get placed in the IRON DIVISION, seriouslly?!?! Funny thing is, after those matches, when i jumped into a league match, i heard more than one person complaining about a Iron placement after playing Gold/Silver the previous seasons. I am not sure that the hell was going on last night or what, but it was a horrible night of gameplay and teammates.

My question/comment towards Treyarch/Activition is why this type of crap happens still in League??? Why are there KIDS still playing this if all they are going to do is rage quit after 2 minutes because they don't want to "RUIN" their KDR or have NO idea how to play the games modes?? Why are players who try hard and bust their asses in League play subjected to this type of crap still? What is the thinking behind 5 minute bans or the whole ban system? The rate some of these kids rage quit, they should just be completly banned from League Play and in turn make it a better place to play. Last night after one of my S&D games, they were showing the Kill Cam and i decided to exit, it came up and said if you do this ( i am paraphrasing) that you will get a 5 minute ban??? Seriously, i hadn't rage quit all night and don't, but it said i would because of excesive quits??? I am not sure WTF the game was thinking at that point and is just another flaw in this game.


1. put some weight onto the previous season and not just 5 random games. As you can see, you can run into a "perfect storm" of play in games and end up in IRON when you were on the verge of Gold last season. 5 games is just not enough SOMETIMES.

2. get rid of the horrible, whinning, rage quitting players. You should have a 3 strikes and you are out rule. If you rage quit 3 times, you are banned from league play, not for 5 minutes, not for 1 day, but BANNED, go play public matches if you are easily hurt or cry if your KDR might fall by .01.

3. fix the damn lag issues and connection problems.I cannot stand being in a match were half the players are on a 1 or two bar and you can just "FEEL" the lag on the server and you can just watch a player skip across your screen and hitting them is almost impossible, but them hitting you is easy as pie.

The crap i saw last night was possibly the worst i have ever exeriernced on Black Ops 2 and just makes me not want to even try this season because i feel like i really didn't get a fair shot in the play in games.. but whatever, not like Treyarch actually listen to their customers or players. We are just the ones paying their salaries.

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This is aqn adult post with all the foul language and cursing ?

The CANT fix lag, so get used to it.

They cannot stop kids from playing because there is no law against it.

When you bought the game you boiught it from a SELLER, not from Activision. The sellers made money off of you when you bought it.

Its just a game not something you can put on a resume.

Look at the good side. THIS game they added probation for players who quit, so at least they are trying something. Even though I dont quit players still have there own CHIOCE to quit, thus leading to probation based on the choice they made.

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Its just a game do you realize noone cares how you place in league i promise being in gold or silver or masters does not matter. You said it yourself your average player yet you  expect better than averages results.

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Don't listen to these foolish people.

Look at my post on league play, there is a segment where you can go and request friends if you wish to play with 5 people.

Just added a few people and asked a few people on my list to come moshpit league. Out of 12 games we only lost 2. That was due to unbearable lag.

Here is the link to the information based on league, found on these fourms:

Plus do not worry, I was plat, placed into iron 200, now I am silver 5. All my friends who joined were bronzes, now all of them are plats after the 12 games.

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Rage quitters? Maybe if the game stopped throwing you against full teams while you are playing by yourself people wouldn't quit.

You shouldn't be grouped against a team when all you get are randy mcscrandys who barely know how to play the game as it is.

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