David Vonderhaar made this game for pro players

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Originally it was best ping that could be found fast

Now. Best is region locked with preference to finding a game with low ping fast!

They just recently made changes to this. Americans should never play with euros again... Unless they have their setting set to "any"

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But back on topic.

They made this game for pro players yes! They did! They will even tell you they did BUT they also made it for everyone else.

The game simply included things that cater pro gamers. For example league play, doesn't matter if its super popular or not the fact they added something for really competitive players or "mlg pros" is simply amazing! They have stuff for everyone.

Why complain about that?

For example:

I hate hardcore modes. But I just simply don't play it and I certainly don't cry "waah they made this game for hardcore players only waah " (sure I may post a snarky remark in regards to hc but it's doesnt affect me at all) same could be said for zombies.

Treyarch made this game for everyone.

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I'm not going to bother quoting each and every single one of you, but you do realize that this game was not made "For the Pros" but based upon their opinions.

With that being said, the average Joe obviously doesn't have the mindset of a pro. They're not thinking of lobbing a grenade through some window and having it bounce off a crate and kill the bomb planter. They're not going into private matches to study the map layout for hours on end. They don't have Game Coaches! ffs.. It still cracks me up that these exist. What's next? Opympic Games 2020, CoD Gold Medalist from Team USA....

Treyarc / Activision goofed, and listened to the guy who wants to be cool, but never will be, outside of the gaming community at least. Do they regret it? Nope, because they collected a check. They see numbers.

Good lord, this could go on for hours, but if you don't get the point, and play the game for what it is, then you need either a reality check, or to off yourself, because you're using up resources.

- Younique

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please note that more people creating bo2, not david alone lol. finish the singleplayer campaign, and you'll see many names, testers, programmer, designer and and ... so stop spam with bad game, peacekeeper op_crap and this and this. for us, the best call of duty since mw1. the dlc rules with hardcore, and the mapdesign is just nice. thx.

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I agree with some of what the op is saying, cod casting, league play is clearly aimed at the competetive side of gaming and also it is a complete waste of time i'd say atleast 80% of people (probably more) couldnt care less about this.

League play takes more than 5 mins every game (even waited 10 for a game even at prime time). This space on the playlist could easily go and, for examle a few more hardcore playlists or team tac could be used. League play never has many people in it.

They clearly tried to aim for competetive gamers but I dont know about you but I reall dont care about a group of kids who need to get out more playing cod.

Also the spawns are far worse on this game than any before it.

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whiteknight1902 wrote:

I agree with some of what the op is saying, cod casting, league play is clearly aimed at the competetive side of gaming and also it is a complete waste of time i'd say atleast 80% of people (probably more) couldnt care less about this.

and thats one tiny aspect of the game, with its own rule sets, matchmaking systems , leaderboards, ect

whereas the rest of the game isnt catered or tailored to the "pro players"

The op's arguement is kinda dumb its like saying 3arc only catered to the hc community as they we have our own playlists. 

or the game only caters to zombie fans as they have their own part of the game.

Basically the game was obviously designed for all types of players.

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The double-speak from the dev is clearly working well.  "Lag" is not the issue here, "latency compensation" is the issue here.  Lag is something that no dev can fix.  Latency compensation is 100% something that the dev could fix, but is refusing to fix.  Playing over a lan would give you a HUGE disadvantage if you are playing against players using a higher latency Internet connection.  There are numerous vids available that show the vast difference between what we see live, and what the killcam shows - this is latency compensation.  I have a very fast, very low latency Internet connection - after a couple weeks of emptying full clips into an enemy's back from 10-15' range only to then watch them turn and kill my while I reload drove me away from this game.  Those of you that have high latency connections - enjoy the welfare KD ratio.  I'll never spend another penny on any crap from this dev again, or on anything that doesn't have dedicated server hosting as part of the price - total waste of time and money.

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