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Hey hey gamers,

Just thought you all know how i feel about the new DLC (not that you want to ) this is my persenal opinion.

I think this is by far the BEST DLC in cod history... the maps are bloody amazing the new gun is... well i have no words for how amazing it is lol.

Not tried the new zombies yet as im not a massive zombie fan, but would love to try it out

I have to say i love Grind, i am a fellow skateboarder so you understand why i love it HA and the other 3 are cool too

If i had to put an order on the new 4 maps (MP) it would go something like this...

1. Hydro, i have always loved how 3arc put little danger zones in their DLC

2. Grind, Hard to headglitch, lots of twists and turns

3. Mirage, This map is awesome and for some reason really reminds me of Parish (MW3 last DLC).

4. Downhill, Again a really good map, love the rotating zipline things

Peacekeeper, Love this gun, its perfectly balanced and just plain fun to use

What are your thoughts on this 1st DLC? I have high hopes for future DLC from 3arc after seeing these new maps

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Re: DLC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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its not bad but i wouldnt call it the best in in cod history personally i prefer iw dlc maps in fact most of my favorite maps are made by iw.

as for the dangerzones in the hydro and downhill i think they are stuoid its hard enough try to watch evry corner and doorway without other crap killing you.

and the peacekeeper is a great gun when its going up against someone using a peacekeep but ive found that more people are going back to their favorite guns and it doesnt do to well against them

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