D/K Stat in Objective Games

Black Ops II Xbox 360

I have been thinkg for a long time now about this and I have come to the belief tha I think Objective games would be better off I the score bord simply did not have the "kill" and "death" stat present now my main basis of this is because K/D is not apart of some gamemodes and is nothing but a distraction and without it players would not be obsessivly checking how many players they killed and instead just play the game.

Another more extreme idea I had was to make it so that objective game also do not record your K/D ratio as yet again killing players is not what the mode is about and with this there would be no intensive to kill players other than XP and completing the objective and there fore more players would play the objective instead of trying to pad their stats and the game would benefit from such, now I have said this before way back on MW2 and the main problem the forum users back then had (minus a few whining that they would no longer be able to you tube 100+ kill games or stat pad) was that they thought that the ammount of objective players would drop since killwores and other stat padders would no longer want to play, so what would objective players prefer...less players actually trying to play properly or more players treating the game like a long TDM.

what are your opinions on any of these stated ideas, what would you do with this idea, what would you change ect..

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They display the caps etc in the scoreboard on 3arc games, and they're making it more beneficial to play the objective by giving u more points towards the scorestreak, for example in Dom, an enemy owned flag is worth more points than a neutral flag etc.

Id disagree *slightly* on the killing players part though. again using dom for an example, cap A&B, then your job is to defend - basically kill and stop the other team getting to your flags. the people who run past the objective do my head in though, too many times ive nearly capped a flag, some dude on my team runs straight past me, then i get killed, if he'd jumped on for 5 seconds we'd have got the flag! Hoping that changes with BO2 though!

If people want to treat it like a long TDM, let them, i'll go round capping the flags, getting the points winning the game and getting the high scorestreaks, while they're just reaching a C-UAV after 8/9 basic kills! lol!

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