Could this game get any worse? apparently so! ( lag )

Black Ops II Xbox 360

I don't know if the game still does matchup on skill besides connection choice, because if it does, then it'll probably become the most laggy COD ever as population start to drop.

They need to drop matchups on skill, and focus on good connects only.

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Yah that video pretty much explains it. that lets you know its so one person can have an advantage on the other.

What if...  it changes for every player in every game. like based on the few games prior. to keep you from winning or loosing too much.

And there is no host advantage. for the host at least. maybe for a second. but as soon as everyones connections start jumping around there is none.

Honestly the host should have a slight advantage. as a reward for having such a good internet connection. with out them we could not play this game. Id rather one person have an advantage than 6. or 9.

Ill update the first post with the video that this video wants to be.

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Yes lag is very bad. But you have to remember cable, has hundreds of people on one fucking line. Casuing shitty itermittent sync in peek hours. Then fibre, is only true fibre, if it's fibre to the home. If it's fibre to the node (crossbox). Then it's copper the rest of the way. 50mb sound like fibre to the node. Most of the time anything past the nod, is shitty 50+ year old copper most of the time buried lines.

But just ranting cause i'm an internet/phone install repari guy.

But yes lag compensation is the fact. You can have 175/175 fibre to the home, and still get lagged out. Cause the game is lag compensating the DSL guy who is 5/1. Simple as that.

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I have 60 ping at the very worst to the ENTIRE continent of europe where players play.


Yet I have had cases of being 0.20 seconds behind the enemy.

Seeing videos of lag comp delays reaching 0.40 seconds delays at 75 ping to the host (0.0375 seconds for the host's data to reach you and 0.0375 seconds for your data to reach the host -- meaning your 75 ping is effectively 475)

It's not our connections.

MOST of the lag -- MOST OF OUR LAG -- is CAUSED by the lag compensation system.


Having 75 ping to the host will cause 0.28 second delays in firefights versus non-host players.

Of those 0.28 seconds, only 0.10 seconds CAN be considered related to YOUR connection.

In fact, the game would only NEED 0.05 second delays for movement and 0.10 seconds for shooting -- instead of the 0.28 second delays we experience.

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I wish i had a case where i was .2 seconds. Its .2 sec on lan connection. i usually havw 1-2 sec delay. not exagerating. i can ping LA with 10ms NY with 20 and Taiwan with 130ms.

Its not my connection. ive used 5 different routers 3 different modems. different settings port forward, dmz, changed mtu, QoS made a lag switch. hooked up the orange and yellow wires so they were barely touching so the was barely a connection. no instructions on that one.

Nothing helps. having the wires messed up worked the best but my team suffered.

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