Could this game get any worse? apparently so! ( lag )

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Internet issue in split screen? looool

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This issue exists in online play as well and ISP connections make it worse.

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Actually, by routing the game through a PC -- we have learned that the game ALWAYS -- AT ALL TIMES, perform with between 2x and 3x the ping.

Here's the deal

You have 100 ping to the host.

Because the host is in europe, and you're in the USA.

Or vice versa.

100 ping means that everything you do gets to him in 0.05 seconds -- 50 milliseconds -- but that his machine also needs 0.05 seconds to respond.

That means that in an optimally balanced game -- all your actions should happen in the game world 0.05 seconds after you did them, and what you see on the screen is what happened 0.05 seconds ago on the host side.

100 ping is considered unplayable by most first person shooter gamers.

Yet this game will add 100 OR MORE "ping" to your 100 ping, giving you a 0.20 second delay.

But even worse -- you can be 0.13-0.40 seconds DISADVANTAGED:

You can be given such much delay, artificially, that you cannot in any way respond to what other players do, because the artificial lag "smoothing system" / lag compensation smothers you.


For reference, MW2 was the last game that performed optimally, adding only 10-30 ping (0.01 and 0.03 second delays -- which is practically negligible.) to 100 ping connections.

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This is true, I tested it for myself. Amazing. Keep this post on top so everyone can see

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someone has posted a similar video here in the forums and then the thread got deleted, do the developer try to hide something from us?

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There's no conspiracy to hide threads. There was most likely a degredation of conversation or some other violation of the rules that mandated that the thread be deleted.

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I posted a video yesterday, explaining what the video contained in a civil manner.

My thread got deleted without warning nor explanation.

HOWEVER -- there IS an 'official' thread on the matter;

Something in the lines of "VAHN asks for video proof of the lag".

It's not official, but it's one massive thread that tries to compile all the videos regarding the (proven) broken lag compensation system.

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Hmmmm did they? I didn't notice, omg Smiley Surprised

Can you change name of the post like camera lag?

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Lol groundwar is always laggy

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you kids keep complaining,  if its so bad why not quit and sell the game?

I think beef liver is BAD...  so i dont eat it

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