Could this game get any worse? apparently so! ( lag )

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Lil_lisa_rocks wrote:

Yes there is lag in the game, However it is nowhere near as prevalent as poeple want to feel it is. Poeple just use this lag excuse whenever they are playing bad. If you have a good game you never care. But apparently every bad game means it was becasue of lag. Which is a complete and utter ly.

You're very wrong, but ok.

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Yeah have to agree I've done everything I can - wired connection ,configured router,wired controller getting a scuff one just need to post it off, bought a gaming monitor 2ms input lag .

   But the game is still REALLY laggy ,matchmaking sucks constantly get dropped from lobbies which can be annoying when you find a good lobby where everyone is talking and having a laugh . Never came across such bad lag in a game its beyond a joke . Then to add insult to injury the Dev's won't admit its a problem .

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Very very not true at all, but a typical response from someone who really does not get the issue.

and people do mention and talk about being in "god" mode when they notice it as well as this is the other extreme end of the issue.

I notice it, I can say that much and I have talked about it.

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Whenever the host migrates mid-game, I check the screen to see if it's hit me again. It usually does. For every 20 games I play as host, I might have 1 where I get some sort of host advantage. And it's beyond easy to tell when that happens, because your bullets impact the milisecond you release your trigger.

Lil_lisa_rocks, you're very much mistaken, but you're welcome to your opinion.

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Maybe not for you, and that's great!

But this game is by far the lagiest, most unstable net coded game I have ever played, If i counted how many host disadvantage instakills, host migrations, dashboarders, connection interrupted and generally laggy games I experienced in 1 day, i think the results would be shocking!

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Very true. There are times when you know that you are lagging (ie a whole clip into a guys back at point blank range and he still hasn't noticed you). But there are other times that you would think that you are lagging but in reality you just got outplayed. There's a pretty fine line between having a beast game and getting routed that has nothing to do with lag but rather who wins those initial gun fights and can get in the best position for the followup fights.  Sometimes the guys that you stomp really aren't bad players.  They just looked left early on when you were on the right and then couldn't recover.  It's quite difficult to beat an entrenched team.

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I know when the game is unstable, and I know when I got beat fair and square. I only call BS when it's BS, not when I get fairly outgunned, I suspect it's the same for others on here who experience what I talked about above.

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The problems that you, me and many other people are experiencing are not connection related

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exactly. Thank you...

Now can the people who keep saying this delay is to do with our connections and nothing to do with the games code explain what is going on here?

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ISP's only compound this issue.  Seems to me an inherent issue, that may be hard to fix.

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