Could this game get any worse? apparently so! ( lag )

Black Ops II Xbox 360

i dont know if it was this hotfix but this game has been fudged up, even for this game.

Today i played ground war for about 2hrs with a full team of 9. and every player on my team was complaining about the lag. A LOT.

by the end it was like "whos buying the new map packs". "idk im thinking about throwing this game in the trash right now".

everybody on my team is within 800 miles of each other and are either on fibre optics or very good cable. 15 - 50 mbps. no wifi. as a team we should not have a problem with connections. especially for 2hrs straight. not one fair game.

The ones with the best connection were getting it the worse of corse.

There was even a point where we all unplugged our routers and modems and reset everything.

there was a couple times where it started good. but buy the second round it was completly trashed again.

you know the story. shooting a guy in the back 20 times just to have him shoot the wall in front of him once and kill you some how.

Or get shot in the back out of nowhere, watch the killcam and you ran right through the guy and he was like wtf spray.

or it just takes 20 shots to kill them and 2 shots to die.

I was watching this guy that destroyed me in a geme livestream the other day. and he was getting shot to the point where there was a full circle of red around him and he would just keep going. coincidentally he had a 3.9 k/d. hmmm.  why cant i ever get that advantage.

Here you go. hope this thread doesnt get deleted now.

im sure activision hates ovenbakedmuffin

They should hire him. This guy puts a lot of time into trying to help make this game better. check him out.

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Havn't played this game for a while, there's been a hotfix?, maybe i will put the game in just for curiosity's sake. Surely it could not get any worse?.

I'll repost shortly......................

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get ready for disappointment...

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Ner, not much difference for me, every single last one of the other ones plays better.

Apart from that it's just not enjoyable anyway. Someone posted yesterday that a lot of halo players have gone to blops 2, yep i can tell a lot of kids jumping around like it's halo, just one more annoyance to deal with if you bother playing this game.

Not me, there are much better fps's out there, i think i'll leave this one for the demographic it was aimed at, point in case, halo players "love it" say no more, pffft, would love to meet the 14 year old that was obviously involved with the creative on this one.

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well your playing ground war, of course its gonna be laggy

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War on W@W was never that bad

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War in WaW was the best gametype ever conceived. I would have played that with zero bars.

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I actually had some of the best gaming of my BO2 experience last night.  I only had one match where I was behind.  I'm certain that it will be short lived but I enjoyed it while it lasted.

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Last night was rough for me, the highest i could pull was 1.2 kd. This morning two games, first one 1.6 (we won) and then 2.8(we lost)  I know I'm nut uber but I do Know when i am getting screwed over.

Pretty sure it has nothing to do with the hot fixes people keep talking about, seems to be during peak hours.

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Yes there is lag in the game, However it is nowhere near as prevalent as poeple want to feel it is. Poeple just use this lag excuse whenever they are playing bad. If you have a good game you never care. But apparently every bad game means it was becasue of lag. Which is a complete and utter ly.

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