Black Ops II Xbox 360

Hello all =) I'm posting today wondering if there is any 3rd party controller or accessories that would help somehow with general hand discomfort as I have some nerv damage in my left hand. I know I will most likely get slammed or trolled about this topic, however it doesn't matter how much time I spend playing little or a lot it still happens. I don't have small hands I'd consider them about normal maybe a little big but not that much more bigger than normal. I thank you all in advance for any help you can offer me =).

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Not sure you can buy a smaller controller but don't know much about them you need to get them from Japan . Just need to shop around but some of the build quality of some manufacturers is terrible and will fall apart in a few weeks Smiley Sad

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Have you tried or looked into using some kontrol freeks for your controller, my hands are rather large and i tend to struggle a bit using the normal way the pad is used,however with these gadgets fitted they make using my controller much easier,

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Thank you all for the advice =D indy56 I will look into those kontrol freaks. FixBlops2 thanks for your suggestion. I unfortunatly dont have the budget for that and it sounds really really complicated. smokesdope I did find a smaller controller at walmart the mini pro ex by powera and I think its smaller than the ps3 controller lol. It seemed to make things worse so im thinking maybe I will try the pads for the sticks as the first thing to start hurting (besides my usual pain) was my thumbs.

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