Clan Challenges Bugging Out Robbing members

Black Ops II Xbox 360

660 wins within less than 2 hrs of the Clan challenge beginning with only 2 players from the Clan...WOW!!! broken game, bugs, errors and more...

only 2 players..1 of which has over 500 wins by himself in lessthan 2 hrs!!!

Completely broken game, bugs, errors and more...

The other day before i even got on I had over 400 Confirms and then added another 130 once I started playing... by the end Activision decided to remove all of my score...Hmmmm that sounds fair... they screw everything up and I lose My Score of 130 Confirms!!! I am Sick of all their Bull!!! We are Aware..We are Aware... But they are Doing nothing... Try Hiring some real techs that know how to run a Website and stop using Shifts(different people @ different times) with no Communication Involved!!! The Elite Site on top of the Game is and Has become a Complete Mess... You would have thought that after MW3 you woulda had your Ducks in a Row by Now...Jeez!!!

I Already Paid for the Product...Why do I have to Pay for it Again with all the D@&^ Frustration???

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