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Just came across a game that had a clan in it. The scores from last game showed that 2 of them barely had any points though so I'm thinking it's just a group of friends some of which are not good at BO2, WRONG.

What would happen is that one was a party of 4 and the other 2 just joined in the game so any game at least one was on the other team and they would just run to their friends and let them build up kill streaks.

If players have the same clan tag they should be on the same team...

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I get dropped sometimes from the match by the connection and rejoin and am placed in the opposite team I back out because I feel like people in the match think that I might be boosting because were in the same clan and opposite teams.

Another things: When I cant connect to some friends party or game invite I just join their session cause thats the only way to play with them for some weird reason it only happens with some friends and not others. But even then I still change my clan tag because I dont want to be perceived as a booster if i do well in the game

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What you're doing is fine

What the OP is describing is not fine, and I hope all 6 of them get reset.

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Was it a game of core kc on the train station? I just got out of a full game with something like that going on. Did not pay attention to clan tags, but went back to theater and the round was not there. Had like 2 or three players on my team who were AFK. Wanted to check becuase it felt like someone was lag switching. The final kill cam showed the guy kill a player and turn and stare at a corner to about 8 ft away and witness a spawn, guy didn't even move before he was the last kill. I did not see a tac insert but would have liked to check out theater. That was one game that had a lttle bit of everything going on. Are boosters able to do a split screen, dual account, seperate team thing now? Come to think of it, have had a few game recently that had questionable activity but were not in theater afterward. Could this be an intentional exploit to cover their 6?

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It was HC CTF.

I hope there is no way for a splitscreen to be on different teams... but given this games flaws it wouldn't surprise me.

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