Can you make FMJs go through Riot shields??

Black Ops II Xbox 360

I have a minor issue with TEAMS in Hardcore hiding behind riot shields with trophy systems and flak jackets. I can deal with campers,head glitching over the shield. I just dont have a way to break through the shield...A shield thats placed in ground...Any ideas??

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yeah i can see a group of them causing problems. but a combo of  shock charges / grenades/ Smaw should take them out.

either way, riot shield is rarely used. if ppl have skills with them, i say more power to them.  they are already tough to use or get any kills with. but they are a great support / defensive weapno

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I ran into a team full of them on Slums last night.  Very annoying, but a well placed shock charge followed by a bouncing Betty seemed to be effective.  I killed a couple of them by shooting them in the head but that can be tough sometimes. 

FMJ should penetrate slightly, but then I think it would render the shield useless. 

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Hell no.

Crossbow, Semtex, C-4- all of these blow right through the shield.  People hiding behind shields are easy targets, if you need any more help than that, quit the game.

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Crossbow bolts really will kill the guy hiding behind it while it is planted? Or just while holding it?

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I've got some friends with a diamond Riot Shield. I'll have to ask them tonight if things can go through or not. They will often use the shield as a decoy though. Hilarious to see enemies shooting at a shield that is just sitting there.

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