Can you be successful as a rusher with a sniper while primarily hardscoping and moving at the same time? (posted originally in general discussions but I inteneded it to be put in the 360 section and now it somehow ended up in the xbox section of MW2 0_o)

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Can you be successful as a rusher with a sniper wh...

One rusher's experiment with sniping while moving constantly around the map like a nub

I tried sniping in earnest last night but to not contradict my stealth rusher gaming style I continously move, it is imho an extreme way of sniping as a rusher. No I don't go mindlessly no-scope all over the whole map like a mad man but I hardscope while moving as fast as I can.(which is extremely slow) Does it defeat the purpose of sniping? IMHO, no because there are campers who use SMGs,ARs, LMGs, etc. and sniping in its most prominent form is blending in with your surroundings and usually in a prone position. In real life, sniping while moving would be a novel yet unwise idea.For one reason, you don't re-spawn IRL. But back to the topic at hand, I was able to get a few kills with relatively decent k/d ratios of 8/15, 12/22 and the like moving around the map in a snail's pace. Surprised no one has stabbed me in the back of the head which is my favorite way of taking down someone in this game. I might take things too seriously regarding camping, I only stay prone while re-loading and that's it. I strictly adhere to the tenets of rushing. It is a rather extreme stance on my part as a rusher to avoid at all costs being called a camper. I can always learn how to quick scope but will give me bad memories of people playing CS 1.6 with the very infamous AWP.(if I did snipe it was with a scout which required skill to play with), I was a rusher back then and even though this is my first COD game I have not forgotten my rushing roots.

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