Can't here multiplayer voices.....

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Can't here multiplayer voices.....

So I hooked up my old Turtlebeach X1 headphones the other day for the first time in awhile.

I can hear the voices in the campaign and I can hear the autmomated voices in multiplayer [ie: reload, incoming enemy stealth chopper etc.].

But when other other players speak I can't hear them.  I have no idea if they can hear me, I see the indication that players are talking but I can't hear anything. I've checked and even re-adjusted the volume controls for the headset and via  xbox and via Blops2 but nothing seems to work.

Is this a bug? IS this just a super mega user error fail on  my part?

I can't seem  to figure out what's causing it thus it's difficult to try and figure out what to do to fix it....

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Re: Can't here multiplayer voices.....

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I am pretty sure you need to go into your Xbox settings and change those there so that the voices come thru the headphones. Its in one of the settings all he way to the right.

Check the volume on the game settings too.

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