Can't do shit when I'm host!!!

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Whats up guys this is my first post on the forum I just want to see if anyone is having the same problem like me.

I usually play FFA and when I'm host it seems like everyone else has perfect connection except me and it makes it impossible for me to snipe .

Issues Like:

Players running what it seems like 100mph

Players Skipping from one spot to another .

I get killed with 2 bullets .

Get allot of hit markers (DSR and Ballista)

Does anyone else have these issues ?

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Presuming that your connection is good enough to handle the host duties then yes everyone has this problem from time to time.  If the other members of the lobby have poor connections you will suffer as the host.  If, however, they have good connections being host in FFA is akin to godmode.  Or at least it is for me.  If you have the poor connection, however, then you are always going to suffer as the host.

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I cant play well as host either.

You are not alone

I put a post up a few weeks back about how to make sure you are never host, but got too many agressive objections. 3arc need to fix host

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