Can someone provide a rational answer about Quickscoping vs. Camping vs. Run 'n' Gun

Black Ops II Xbox 360

that made me lol. peeking around. I remember being on both sides of that equation!

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I confess I've been that guy a few times myself too.

Yesterday as a matter of fact.

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Camping and Defending are 2 completely different things.  The only time i see a problem with camping is when someone is in the farthest deepest corner in a tiny building with shocks and Betties blocking the entrence. then resupplying and replacing them. staying in the tiny spot the entire game going 4-0.

If you are playing in the middle building above B causing havoc and helping your team win. cheers to you

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I agree that spending a whole game in the corner and barely getting kills is kinda lame. But, when the other team just keeps coming, then that corner can be pretty awesome.

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OP... there is no rationalizing with the irrational.

... and my motto...

Every weapon is valid. Anything that kills them, and not you, is smart.

That's my opinion but it should be yours ;-),
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I didn't read your post OP, but based on your title I will say this. Each is a playstyle. Everyone thinks that playing a certain way is fun for them and gets them the results they want. We will not always agree with someone elses style, it's a style none the less.

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Play how you wish. If you feel pressurised to play a certain way because of others then it takes all the fun away from the game. A game should be about expression. I get told what to do at work and go out of my way ot please people. Therefore I don't want to come home and do the same on my Xbox.

I have no problem with quickscopers - they know the aim mechanics of the game very well and will adapt. I do get annoyed at the sound of 5 camping snipers firing at me and missing or people with semi-auto snipers using up a whole clip to kill me (sometimes on my own team I see 2 or 3 snipers laying on top of each other aiming at the same place) but oh well. Finish the game and join a new lobby.

I don't see stopping in a room because there's a few enemies on your VSAT approaching, or defending an objective as camping. Camping is when a player sits in the same corner of the same room (always on TDM and mostly a child too young to be playing). They only react when you enter the room and mostly have an LMG. If you kill them and return to the room they will be there again. This I do hate but if that kid is having fun then again I don't care. If there is one particular player doing that I make note and check their score at the end. They usually have like a 10k/40d ratio so I've learnt that they are at a disadvantage by just shooting when someone enters a room.

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Not one run and gunner on this post to defend it, and yet they keep telling us that this is what we want.

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