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I do what it takes to get positive on any situation, even when I'm outnumbered 3:1. If that needs to take some corner camping then so be it. I don't give a crap on what people think. I do what it takes for my team to win, or for me to go positive. I can camp if needed and I can run and gun with the best. I told him to look at the KD and SPM. If you happen to look at my stats, you will not think of me as a camper.

A 0-0 game is highly unlikely and everyone knows that. The obsession of getting a kill and/or a revenge kill is too much for the vast majority of COD players. Even if it's a team of campers, there will always be some mistakes made and the score will never be 0-0. The point of TDM is to get kills and stay positive more than the other team. The method of achieving this is irrelevant and the only thing that matter is the end result.

If a team of run and gunners could not break the defense of a camping team then it's the run and gunners problem. Sadly, the majority of players whine and complain of the tactics that were used that got them outplayed.

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Re: Camping vs Run + Gun: TDM

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Wrong. The point being made is that people are running around in this game with no cares in the world about dying.   Never have I seen a game where nobody moved. Im not talking about no movement whatsoever either. many people just miss the maps from the old CODs with choke points where you could have sniper wars.  Our group had 4 7500-0s on Village from sniping and covering choke points. We have come close to shutouts in this one but the revenge spawning in this one is beyond understandable.  Just beating randoms isnt enough. So we aim to shutout, which means you dont run around like an idiot and them have them spawn 4 feet behind you because of it.

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Re: Camping vs Run + Gun: TDM

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Every time i've played TDM in this game, everyone was in a corner somewhere. At least in KC, you can't win the game from your tent, and getting points towards scorestreaks by collecting tags gives people incentive to move.

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