Camera lag and hit detection problem?

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Camera lag and hit detection problem? is what exactly happens to me,it's like even when I am the host or am getting 4 bars,I am a little behind the game(0.1-0.2),and that's why I get killed as soon as the enemy comes onto my screen,and constantly I am getting hitdetection issues even on 4bars,I know I have previously stated my connection problems,but even after upgrading my Internet I lag every match,I don't even get 1 match where I  the game runs smooth for me,some people say that they only get lag for some games,but I don't even get one match where the game runs smooth,among my friends I have the best connection,so i usually get selected as host but my friends with 2 bar instakill me around a corner,the guns which i play with are the msmc,pdw-57,fal,scar-h and an94 so basically with the smg it takes me 28-30 bullets to kill someone and with the assualt rifles it takes 19-22 bullets,and this happens constantly every match I play online,can someone tell me why it is constantly happening to only me every game and not my friends,now before u say it is because of lag comp that u are lagging because u have a better connection than your friends,that's why you have a disadvantage,Some of my friends have a speed of 4mbps which is more than me so why do they don't lag,I have a weak connection compared to them so I should get the benefit of lag comp,but it doesn't happen but if I play with people who have a weaker connection as compared to me then they get benefit of lag comp and not me,so what exactly should i so,I swear this is my last lag related post Smiley Tongue

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Re: Camera lag and hit detection problem?

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Lag is not your problem, latency compensation is your problem.  The game tries to equalize every player's connection to the server, so that fast/low latency Internet connections do not give players an advantage.  This is a good idea, however it is a terrible implimentation.  The game had only one "beta", and this was at the developer's location on their internal network (where latency is very nearly zero, and essentially the same for each player).  Then they launched it on the Internet, where latency ranges from 10-1000ms and higher.  While their latency compensation probably worked fine on their internal network, you have seen that it is a complete failure in the real world (Internet).  The faster/lower latency your connection, the greater advantage all the other players have - as you (and I) have seen, it's game changing, and completely decides 90+% of encounters w/ the enemy.  The company refuses to even discuss the issue of latency compensation, and instead talks about lag, which is unrelated.  My guess is that it would be time consuming (expensive) to try to fix latency comp to work on the Internet, so we'll never see it fixed.  They could eliminate a good part of the problem by hosting dedicated servers, but it's clear they are unwilling to spend the one half of one percent of their profit from this game to host servers for us.  My advice and my plan - if then don't fix this, and soon, write it off as a complete loss, and never spend another penny on anything from this dev ever again.

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