Black Ops II Xbox 360

Anyone who has played CoD: WaW will be familiar with the War game type. For those unfamiliar, there were 5 points on the map - arranged as such


|     1       2        3       4         5      




1 & 2 would be in "your" half of the map and would start off already capped for you, and 4 & 5 in "their" half of the map and already be capped for their team. 3 would be in the middle and neutral. Your team had to basically had to push the other team back and capture all 5 points in the map. It, in my opinion, was the best game type that there has ever been in CoD as it was fast paced, yet still stratigical and very fun. No idea why it wasn't included in future CoDs and I'd love to see it back.

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If you used the search tool you would know there was already a large amount of threads asking for this mode. it won't happen. its a fan favorite, but they got domination. Eh. Ive heard many say You want WAR go play WaW sorry

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War was about the only thing I liked in WaW, but I don't think it would work as well on the maps in this game because they are too small

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DropZone is the best game mode ever.

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Maps are too small.

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Sounds like an interesting mode. I never played WaW, so I guess I missed out.

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I have never played it personally but it sounds fun. The only thing is i guess it has set spawns? Therefore becoming another spawn trapping game mode a.k.a dem and dom. If not then i would love to try it out rather than cap 4 flags and sit and spawn trap everyone till the last seconds and take the last flag resulting in more annoying threads regarding spawn trapping on BO2.

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