Bouncing Betty vs Flak jacket

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Well, I'm just guessing based on what I've read, but it seems likely that the rules of Hardcore could change weapon damage but not change perks.

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The rules of HC are changed by the health level of the player and have nothing to do with perks or weapons.  It has always been this way and will probably never change. 

Flak J works perfectly in core.  Cant say I have ever been killed by betty when at full health.

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As a small update, when it comes to using flak jacket it is all about how close you are to the explosive. I have been messing with it and the closer you are to the center of the blast the least likely you are to survive.

Wearing flak jacket will save you from explosives but just make sure you always back away as far as you can. you can no longer just walk thought them as you did in blops 1.

I tried this only on HC so on regular TDM things may be just a bit different.

On a small note, betty's do seem to be the hardest to back away from, it's just easier to crouch then worry about it.

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flak is a waste for betties. they have quite a delay on them including making a unique noise and a simple crouch will keep you from dying.

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It seems really inconsistent in this game. Sometimes betties kill me sometimes they don't. Sometime I survive a direct rpg sometimes one nowhere near me kills me.

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Yep, it's inconsistent, sometimes one grenade kills me full health from 10 feet away like I didn't even have one on. The next spawn I survive 2 or 3  in a row under my feet. (Core by the way) it's kinda irritating.

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Well it works in core I just walk right threw them and laugh

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surely because you're playing hardcore (which is like 50% health) then flak jacket will not have the same effect as if it was on core.

That said, this is an issue that should be raised perhaps, because then in HC, not just flak jacket but all perks stats should boost it by 50% to cater for the minimal health in HC, otherwise they're just useless.

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So far only flak jacket is useless in HC. Just a shame you can walk through a claymore like you could in blops 1.

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