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i agree they are scum but its so satisfying to hear them screaming and crying after you kill them so close to their nuke i did alot of nuke booster hunting back in mw2

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Funny, I was play HQ last night and I was wondering why the **** no one was killing me while I was capturing the HQ after the third time I was like wtf. I looked on the scorecard and there was a guy on my team 1-25, other team had a guy 25-1, uav up I could see they were all piled in the same spot they were tac inserting the whole deal reported them and moved on.. Sent them a message that I reported them and the dude actually had the nerve to send me a message saying I was immature for reporting him, how ironic.

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That's the thing, this week it has been near impossible for me to get into a game that didn't have boosters. It must be booster week, all of em gettin practice for the dxp weekend. It is getting out of hand. There are many ppl who've been reset one or two times already and are still boosting. They should perma ban these twirps.

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Hello -

We do not allow Name & Shame on the forums. Please report the players in game using the report player option. Also please refer to the Black Ops 2: Security & Enforcement Policy.


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