Blurry screen glitch?

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Damn it's happening twice in a row now -_-

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I now get this... but only in domination. It happens if your xbox live menu is open when the game starts or sides switch.

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I read this morning on one of the forums on here its call a "otter hack", worse then lag your just frozen and your screen is blurry and locked......... here is the name of the post that the guy makes mention of it...... "Possible lag switcher found?

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This happened to me as well.  How are you supposed to report a bug to Activision so they actually look at it.  I was playing ground war domination and was actually having a good game.  I notcied some loser on my team kept blowing himself up with c4 though so I hit select during the break to go and report him and then when i came back the screen was blurry and i could not do anything.  I wonder if it is some kind of a hack someone on the other team can use to kick the best player on the other team out of the game to get the win.

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Most of the times I have seen that glitch happen to my friends I play with, is when they are in between matches, and are looking at a person's playercard and then the match starts, which leaves them in a frozen state

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You get the blurry screen if you look at someone's playercard while in game nothing you can do about it atm but shut down/dashboard.

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Happened to me today! Yep...... So stupid then I got killed in search. Yay.  I was the last one standing too. Go figure. Fix this stuff! Damn people

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this game has tons of lag and tons of bugs.  I hope 3arc is working on it.  I almost traded the game in today at GS.

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