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I run 15 up 2 down, i thought that was great for the price i pay roughly 60 a month, I did the speedtest and it is 14.98 up. Did a ping test and this is where i found my issue. First i had 11ms ping with 2 jitter. i couldn't find out my packets lost. Why? Because my firewall was enabled. I had a B connection, it said right then and there its good connection but online games won't be the best. So I did some researching and some stuff i remember from school, Firewalls are bs, they are really not needed, they say they are there to stop unwanted sites and hackers, lets be real, hackers piss on firewalls, unless your the fbi or some gov agency, even then if they want in, they get in, and if your going to an unwanted site, how unwanted can it be? So I disabled my firewall, ran the test again, went to an A connection. "Excellent!" said it right in front of my eyes, I jumped on for a game and saw a huge difference. Also treyarch has said on twitter they do plan on fixing the choppy cameras and delay's take it for what its worth, but i can pull up tons of fill. Hell, go into my player channel WTCWarrior, and watch the 12 second film on mirage. That happens more times then anyone wants to admit. And thats on HC. For those who don't wanna take the time. I get shot at probably a good 10 feet to the left of where I actually am, the first shot which is clearly wide left kills me! I lol at it now, but can't help but wonder every time i run behind a building and drop how many times its cuz of crappy camera's. Its not the lag. Well, 30% of the time it probably is but its more so the game itself.

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