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man this video nails it on the head. this is the first CoD game i've ever played, so i can't say on my experience with lag/delay from previous games. but other shooters on computer and games like battlefield 3/halo 4 on console do not lag and have latency/delays as i'm currently experiencing right now in's very frustrating to know that your skill is being hindered by game design.

last night i was going 4.00 - 8.00 KDR per game. today i was playing and it seemed like every person took more bullets than usual to kill, it seemed like i wasn't getting hitmarkers even with my crosshair directly on the opponent 10 feet away, and i often would stop firing because i assumed he would be dead...then he survives and spins around and kills me in what looks like a couple bullets, but on the killcam apparently i didn't hit him once and he turned around and shot me with well over 4-5 bullets.

it's just really starting to piss me off how much the killcam is incorrect with what's actually going on client sided...its very unfair for it to show me 3 hit markers, and 0 hits at all on the killcam.

no other shooter have i experienced this bad of latency/delay in a reaction based game.

still playing it, still enjoying it, but those moments which are often get me very upset and frustrated.

i pay for and receieve on speedtest, 100mb/s download and 5mb/s upload...there's no reason i should be having this happen.

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You will most likely get to the point where you want to stop playing it, unless you are a person of indefatigable patience.

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     This video shows how I feel abut Black Ops.  I can't even trust myself to get a kill even if the guy is looking the other way.  Whenever I get in a gunfight with someone I get 4 hitmarkers and he turns around and either kills me with 2 shots from a SMG or 1 shot from a very overpowered Shotgun.  My K/D is negative in this game, and my K/D from all other CoD's is positive.

     The spawns in this game constantly flip. I am defending the Hardpoint on HIjacked and watching the places where they come from and then I get shot in the back.

     I went back to MW3 and to my surprise I found little lag.  On top of that I got good hit detection and I didn't get spawn trapped. In Black Ops 2 I lagged so bad, I lagged off a cliff and killed myself.

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why would you put together a rant video with yourself doing good? Show the crappy hit detection you're speaking about

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I have noticed the same thing - andsome additional MAJOR issues. Having my stats jacked up not once...but TWICE by an Activision glitch. Lost most of the camos I unlocked, all scorestreak stats reset, and bogus stats now showing in my combat record (52 million RC-XD called with 0 kills? 53 million kills with the SMAW (especially since the only time I use the SMAW is in Sharpshooter). Currently, prestige 9 - level 24......and I am done with the game. More than 200 hours invested in plaing just to have all stats jacked up, lost several calling cards, and now they expect me to invest another 200+ hours to unlok them all again?? No thanks...I'll go back to playing Battlefield 3...BO2 will be the LAST CoD game I ever buy.......

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I hope so.  Might bring the ratings up if the complainers all leave.

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I have played multiplayer games for many years, I have never quit or Dashboarded umtil the last 3 weeks.

Sick to the stomach of the grotesque lag issues in this offerring.

Not sure how much lomger I can stick this out waiting for a fix.

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I have a terrible time with lag comp. its gotten to the point were I no longer stay with a match where I'm behind by 1/2 sec or more. I just leave the game and try to find a new one thats not too bad. If everyone with bad lag experience leaves a match in the middle every time it happens, maybe we can make the game unplayable for everyone and treyarch will actually fix this!

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