Black Ops 2 Problems that I experienced

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Blops 2 is a fun game, but has crappy gameplay value and fairness. Why is it that everyone I see in the game including me dies more than an average 15 deaths and up, I say that this game offers no chance of survival, Most guns in the game are really OP like SMGs. Snipers are offered no good areas of space or spots to kill, due to poorly made maps by 3arc, they think sniping is all quick scoping in small corners with anti-material rifles like the DSR. Shotguns are annoying in some cases, ARs are okay, LMGs I can careless since practically no one uses them. Scorestreaks, what a fail. its 4 kills for a UAV, wow. The only thing I really give this game credit is emblem making, its creative and fun,

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Skill based matchmaking. If everyone is dying 15 times or more in a game, then all the players are around the same skill level. SMGs aren't OP. Overused, sure. But they suffer at range. There are TONS of sniping spots, headglitches etc on almost every map. I like 425 points for UAV, 3 kills was too easy to get for too high a reward.

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There are plenty of sniper spots on just about every map. So many that I've even picked up sniper rifles off the ground and made a few snipes myself. First timer and I find them fairly easy to get kills with from these spots, make a couple of quick shots change back to my normal weapon and move on. I guess if your expecting a spot you can just sit and rack up kills with little fear of being shot in the back then yeah I guess thats not going to happen. Shotguns are fun to use on some maps due to the large amounts of cover, maybe you should try using on instead of complaining about them. Obviously you weren't playing when the game came out and the uav streak was lower. Talk about uav spam. The announcer was constantly yapping uav incoming or enemy uav incoming. You looked up and it looked like the skies over berlin in ww2. Raising the requirement didn't help in tdm or ffa but in K/c or dom the uav was serious spam.

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there are ways of magaging to get through a game without getting 15 deaths all the time.

If you are on the good side of the WTF/Lag/Smothingcode... whatever it is, then it's a lot easier.  If you are not then you want to be playing with a team of guys you can talk to and you want to be just locking down an area of the map.

there are a few of us that will have centuries and guardians and we just cover as many exits etc as possible and then hold the corners with AR's...  those running, spraying !^$£!"^ wont be able to get close enough.

If the lag is that bad that they can kill you round corners then it's time to just switch off and try some other game.

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