Black Ops 2 Multiplayer is a Sick Joke.

Black Ops II Xbox 360

First off, this is not a troll post. I am just voicing my extreme disdain for this game, franchise and the low standards we have come to accept in gaming. Just want to make that clear.

I can't believe how incredibly SHATTERED the multiplayer is in this "game". Actually, calling it a game is an insult to other games that are good and worth your time. This is the most mindless, lemming-worthy mess I have ever experienced on Xbox 360. It boggles my mind to no end how a company like Treyarch puts out a lazy effort such as this. Has everyone's standards gone so low in gaming where you will all buy this game like cattle no matter how braindead a game is?

Let's go over the horrendous bullshit in this game, shall we?

- Quite possibly the worst spawning system I have ever seen in a first person shooter. If I had a dollar for every time I immediately get shot in the back when I spawn, I would have enough money to buy the CoD franchise and throw it into hell where it belongs. Hell, anytime I do that to another player I don't feel any satisfaction in killing the other player. It feels cheap and unfair. Any time you try and formulate a strategy, you get killed by a random ass guy who happened to spawn 5 feet away from you. This is unforgivable at this point in the CoD franchise. This is what, the 8th or so CoD game and they still can't get it right? Give me a break.

- Barely any innovation. Am I the only one that sees that this is the same damn CoD game since Modern Warfare 1 was released? Sure, the pick 10 is nice.........but that is it really. And that isn't even really innovation, that is just allowing you to have the basic freedom you should have in the first place to customize your gaming experience. That alone does not equal a great game or a 10/10 review. This is the kind of thing you should expect to have by default when you buy it. The game is still all the same ridiculous kill streak rewards (if you have 10+ kills in a row, you probably do not need something to help boost your kill count or help you spawn kill with Dragonfire helicopter gunner etc. Seems a little stupid if you ask me.) and overpowered SMG's that make nearly every other gun useless.

- The hit detection and lag is THE worst in any FPS. This game wins the award, hands down. There is a good 1-2 second delay for anything going on in the game. What that means is that what you are seeing on the screen isn't actually happening. The best part is that the evidence is shown on the killcams, where the bullshit is clear as day. You will get killed around corners as you run for cover, which makes it look like you got shot through four walls that are ten feet thick. The hit detection is so bad, I don't know where to begin. You will shoot them repeatedly over and over and over and get no hitmarkers, or you will magically hipfire one bullet and somehow kill them instantly. There is no consistancy whatsoever. Black Ops 2 is 75 percent lucksack hit detection, random lucky spawns and boring gameplay. Why can't we all ask for more for the 60 bucks we plop down every year?

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im in uk an played from about 630 to 730 and on all types did not stay in 1 game ,its unplayable as ive said before it cost me nothing.i traded blops 1 after trying for 4months that was shite ,this started great but now time anyone

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agree with you, I am in the UK as well... Trade time.

funny thing, my local CEX won't take anymore copies of blops2 in for trade because they already have too many.

the game may have sold millions, but nobody knows how many of those people have stoppped playing.

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It's probably the quality of your connection.  It's not poor enough.

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Are you...  me?

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Totally agree with all your points.

The most infuriating factor for me is the hit detection. I've gone into theatre many times to replay instances i've been killed & feel I should've come out on top in a gun fight. And the replays confirm it too - my shots being on target, fired before the enemies shots, but they still manage to kill me & I don't even get a hit marker.

Check out these 2 videos I uploaded to YouTube on this matter. They are only short clips, but highlight this point. Apologies for the lag in them, but for some reason when rendering replays on console they seem to lag something terrible - another thing that hasnt been fixed for over a year now.

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The second video was hilarious. what do we've learned today? you have to miss the enemy to get the kill! when you are dead on target you won't get the kill. LOL what a nonsense.

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if treyarch just re educate themselves on computer programing and netcoding & then fix the lag issues then there will be progress... its a shame really that the original cod devs have been fired/left ... treyarch needed to leech off them,

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I feel like the worst part about this whole situation is how all the bad things about this game are being swept under the rug like they don't exist.  Treyarch refuses to acknowledge any issues with the connections in the game.  You could slap a call of duty tag on a pile of dog shit and game review sites would give it a 9.  So to anyone who doesn't experience these issues first hand we just look like haters that wouldn't be happy no matter what they did with the game.  This is obviously far from the truth, but with a new call of duty coming out every year if somethin isn't fixed within the first few months it isn't going to be fixed.

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Wait a minute I just noticed something.

If you go back and play the other CODs you will notice that the graphics are different.

Your probably thinking were is he going with this? Well have you ever played a game like minecraft or an online PC game were you can change the graphics if you have bad Internet or make it the highest if you have top notch Internet. Well that might just be the problem with lag comp and hit markers. Maybe the graphics are to good.

If you think I'm wrong I don't care but if you think I'm right, thank you.


I like it when he says BULL SHIT!


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