Best tier 3 perk? Lets talk.

Black Ops II Xbox 360

What is your first choice of perk in the 3rd tier? Let me guess, Dexterity?

Why does everyone use this perk over any other 3rd tier perk?

Every single KC i look at, the user is using dexterity. If you ask me, i would say this perk should be unlocked at around level 42.

Whats the enjoyment of this game when you already have the stuff you want unlocked right away?

Yes, you could unlock it with a token, but i'm sure people would rather have the gun they want over Dexterity.

Do you guys hate Dexertity, or is the reason you use it to compensate for the terrible lag?

Dead Silence and Awareness seem useless IMO.

What are your thoughts?

Elliott x

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I only use engineer. The other 2 I use are ghost and blind eye.

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engineer, use it on all my classes bar one where i have extreme conditioning.

engineer + emp grenades = much free scorestreaks points

Maccabi Level 75
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Engineer + emp when going for more of a stealth approach, Tactical Mask on everything else. I think engineer is the better of these two with one exception= being stunned or flashed, I would use engineer permanently but I can't stand being stunned. I have one class where I put them together with flak jacket and toughness and I believe that is the best perk class possible, FOR ME at least. I like dexterity, but now I just throw quickdraw on and I am good. Nice thread op

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i started off with dexterity but now i cannot live without engineer and EMPs

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Tac mask because I play headquarters and people throw everything they have in the HQ. Nothing like being stunned for 5 seconds from a concussion or shock charge.

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I switch it up. I love dex. I use ds. And eng is good.

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Engineer and emp is a great combo with hardline and claymore. Have this on every class atm and they help heaps for scorestreaks.

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Engineer + EMP will net you more points than any other tier 3 perk in the game. It will probably net the average player more points than any perk in the game.

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my first choice for Perk 3 is Engineer!
Might whack on DS or Awareness just for the titles soon!

I only use Dexterity if im using a heavy gun, as it seems to make things go quicker (placebo effect obviously, lol, but with the quicker climing it makes a tiny difference).

Might use it a bit more now im heading for Diamond Assault rifles i think, see how it works out!

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