Beef up the Assault Rifles rather than Nerf SMGS

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Assault rifles in Black Ops 2 are close to useless, instead of nerfing the sh!t out of the SMGS (which are not overpowered) Treyarch should beef up the AR's to be more powerful and consistent along with the rest of the guns in the game. Making everything the same and nerfed takes the fun out of the game.

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Another idiotic post. NOTHING WAS NERFED ON THE SMG's. They added a MINISCULE amount of HIP FIRE recoil, increased the HIP FIRE spread very slightly, made the SMG bullets not penetrate more that AR bullets, and increased the recoil very slightly on the MSMC and PDW. They did NOTHING to the power of the guns.

A true "nerf" of a gun would be to reduce it's effective power or range. Nothing was done to either of those.

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the ARs are just fine, SMGs need a nerf in power and a nerf in speed.

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another run n gun smg baby crying about not being able to hip fire his way through the whole game. now he's probably going 12/17 instead of 17/17.... his next post will probably be that uav's were fine the way they were, and now he can't chase red dots that were on the map for the entire game due to the 50 uavs that they could call in. get some skill son and learn how to actually play the game!

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just wondering if you realized how stupid you look right now. how can you possibly get all that from me saying ARs are fine but SMGs need an actual nerf.

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lol... sorry i meant to reply to kevinblock the original poster... not you

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The problem is that they did a global nerf rather than fix individual guns.

The Chicom was fine

The Vector was fine

The MP7 was fine

The PDW, MSMC and Skorp were all a bit OP and the Skorp had no addition changes for some reason.

The same with the ARs. Some were junk and some were pretty good and are now bordering OP.

Type was fine

AK was fine

M9 was fine

Fal was fine (can understand that added recoil they did)

Swat and MTR could have used a boost

Can't comment on the SMC, didn't use it enough.

So what we ended up with is the OP SMGs still being half decent but less useful, the harder to use and lesser SMGs have taken a beating (though I like the Vector more now weirdly enough lol), the underused ARs are good and the already good ones are OP.  Global changes were a bad idea.

However, I think most of it is due to the connection issues where the game is now more like MW3 trying to account for certain players lag delays.  This'll never work.

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Everything in This game sis fine smg, lmgs, AR. the Problem is LAG COMP!!!! I Love the 870 and they cut Range, When i get killed by the 870 I pick up mine and we have a great competion cause i can kick soem serius ass with shootguns i stop using it cause it gets so easy. FIX LAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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