BO2 Revolution pack

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Ok, so i was thinking of buying the BO2 Revolution pack when it comes out, but i was wondering if there were any bugs, glitches etc.

I would like to know, it would be very annoying if there was and I would have to wait till they fix them (if there are)

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How exactly are we supposed to answer this? Unless there is a VIP that has jad access to it, which i certainly have not, amongst us. We have no way of knowing if there will be bugs or glitches. Im sure there will be, butbi doubt anything gamebreaking...

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If there is probably going to be any gamebreaking bugs or glitches it'll probably exist in normal multiplayer as well (unless it's to do with the peacemaker or map specific). Personally I will still be getting it and I'm sure a lot of other people will be.

Just my opinion, I don't know what it's like yet but I will be buying it.

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I will still be getting it, just wanted to nkow if anyone knew.

Most new things have bugs so it wont be a first, thanks for the help though

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of course theres going to be bugs and glitches. Its a CoD game, piled onto the fact that treyarch is making it.

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Yes they are going to release it and then make an annoncement of all the bugs and glitches they left in.

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Hi bro,

gallp from Aussie here. No one, not even the DEV know whether it has bugs in it. The guys at 3arc have tried their best to make sure its bug free. I can tell you most of their past DLC packs have been just fine.

I bought it, I'm sure you will be fine if you decide to buy it too.

take care bro and post again some time.


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yes COD (before i purchased this crap) i played BATTLEFIELD 3 and will go back to playing that .. i always felt COD was alittle kiddish a little video game  ish and not anything at all to do with war or war strategy just a shoot em up i wasnt into mutliplayer..but zombies..zombies was ok..great even..but how can treyarch/ activision.. just change the gameplay of zombies after purchasing a season pass.. if i knew that you could not hold a zombie at the end like ALL COD zombies i would not have purchased this game or the season pass//how can all these brainiacs of a very big company( that i think has been outdated since atari 2600)..change the rules in the middle of the game.. bad enough activision/treyarch rushed the game out then tries to patch all of the mistakes made after peopl...e spent hard earned money on the game and then money on the season pass and before the actual dlc the rules of the game change?.thats like buying a basketball game and 2 months after the game is released there is an update telling you that its not basketball on earth does a zombie die in the fog if you dont kill them..and why would it take so long for a major company to post the facts about this game..we have all been cheated and glitched by treyarch and activision..

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