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BLOPS 2 or MW3

Perusing through new and old threads regarding the faults and benefits of this game and past CoD games and recalling statements made by numerous individuals, I am left wondering.....

While most players have noticed some lag in both the past two iterations, there appears to be a disparity between connection, the experience, and each of the two games. What I notice most though is something I find very peculiar.

Players who like BLOPS 2 that they consider one of the better iterations see minimal lag problems in game, and yet when they describe MW3 they mention how horrible and awful their lag experience was in MW3. As a result, they consider MW3 one of the worst CoD games.


Players who liked MW3 moreso, seem to have experienced lesser degrees of the present lag in MW3, and TONS of lag issues in BLOPs 2. So they consider BLOPs 2 one of the worst CoD games.

Now...I don't know if this is entirely a Treyarch vs IW thing. Yes fanboyism does exist...but their seems to be two very large parties whos experiences are almost black and white between these two games. Which got me thinking...

Could the code handling smoothing and latency within BLOPs 2 and MW3 be so different that they somehow managed to come across two distinct playerbases of net infrastructure that their experiences mirror each other. In other words...are the Net provider and infrastructure that allows them their internet experiences so different in areas...that somehow both companies managed to stumble upon two groups, where the specfic net engines do not work well for each of these respective types of players?

Given the basis of net technology I wouldn't think the infrastructure could create such a vastly different experience. I ask this...because I myself had some lag issues in MW3, but it was never as bad as some have made it out to be from my point of view. In fact, when the second patch update arrived in january in MW3 with the updated infection mode, my lag problems almost seemed to cease entirely in MW3(there were still some instances...but rare). I stopped playing well before TU23, but I didn't even need patches up to TU23 to have little trouble.

Meanwhile my experience in BLOPs 2 just seems to get worse and worse with the patches and DLC.


How do others feel? Are your experiences similar? With virtually mirrored instances of lag difficulties? Did you like BLOPs 2 but hate MW3 or vice versa?

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Re: BLOPS 2 or MW3

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Yes i agree. Both Blops 1 and 2 have played like trash for me. But yet MW3 plays as smooth as butter. Dont get me wrong Blops 1 was not as bad with the lag as 2 is. But i have been experincing these lag issues with both of treyarches games

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Re: BLOPS 2 or MW3

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I never liked MW3 from when it first launched.

Apart from the connection/lag issues that occured in that game, deathstreaks, the support strike package and terrible map design just added to the frustrations of playing MW3.

The connection in Black Ops 2 isn't great but I'm just glad that I'm not being killed by Dead Man's Hand or Final Stand and the fact that I'm not being killed by multiple support stealth bombers.

In my opinion, MW3's negatives outweighed the positives whereas Black Ops 2 is the complete opposite.

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Re: BLOPS 2 or MW3

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I never liked MW3 and the lag made a already bad game even worse. MW3 was the first game i really disliked all the maps. Also the first CoD where the lag was more noticeable than in other CoDs before. Worst CoD ever in my opinion.

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Re: BLOPS 2 or MW3

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I agree.  MW3 had bad maps,   And dead mans hand,  well I won't even get into that.

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Re: BLOPS 2 or MW3

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Bo2 has even worse maps.

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Re: BLOPS 2 or MW3

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Not at all in my opinion. Could use more variety in size. And not as good as BO1 maps.

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Re: BLOPS 2 or MW3

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The only thing MW3 gave us was Kill Confirmed but it really wasn't a novel idea, this game mode has been seen in other games. So really, MW3 did nothing right. I have no intention of buying sledgehammer's next game at launch and maybe not at all if they don't use a new game engine and get rid of nearly everything they did in MW3.

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Re: BLOPS 2 or MW3

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Kill Confirmed is kinda Greed from Unreal Tournament with few changes. I didn't liked KC in MW3 but i enjoy it in BO2. Overall MW3 was pure garbage.

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Re: BLOPS 2 or MW3

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And Search & Destroy came from Counter Strike.

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