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(Xbox360) Clan PARA-TACTICS recruiting! Myself, [PARA]SPOOKYMEDIC am welcoming average/casual competitive players TO JOIN! This CLAN is about FUN gameplay with NORMAL people who are very competitive, preferably with a sense of humor. KD not big emphasis initially, as playing in a clan will build on that for all. KD over emphasized in clans and this clan will be proving that analysis to measure wrong. We've all played objectives and been left alone to die while the KD whores sat back and watched..lol..I believe in aggressive fun matches. Even if you are in a CLAN and looking to start fresh with a new CLAN..i can imagine why some may. Win or Lose, not sweat, live and learn and then go at it hard next round! Only requirement 18+ and head set with Mic and not negative attitudes. NO MODERZ OR HACKERS...  Mature crowd. About me, I'm 29 yo Paramedic who has seen so much humor and taking things lightly comes easy. I started casual and as i am prestige 6 now have become moderate opponent. Usually play 3-4 nights/days a week. Play as you can though. I have high hopes to form a really great, heavily competitive CLAN diverse, and fun personality's minus the over scrutinizing thats grown in this game. If you are that average casual player that fits this profile and about playing objectives as a team then I welcome those interested. No more random jerks and non objective teammates and build your stats with team support and make some new friends. Just get back to me, GAMETAG SPOOKYMEDIC, or leave reply or through Elite. Flawless stat showcase not needed...I've found as a team and with the right players, we will dominate more and more over time! Look forward to hearing from you!

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