Assault shield needs fixing...

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Re: Assault shield needs fixing...

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its the same s the knife is now not a press and kill weapon you actually have to aim abit

i got gold on the shield in next to no time, found it really easy to lvl up and get kills with,

r33k is correct once you work out the sweet spot its simples

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Re: Assault shield needs fixing...

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i thought there were a few times on my way to diamond that didn't register. I got used to it and changed my play style. I also found that there was a sorta "sweet spot" with the shield.

My best success was using shock charges with dead silence and awareness. Bait or camp a corner / doorway and bash them when they come through.

Also, I had my best success on HCKC since there was VERY little equipment because how often people die. I found that not many people run engineer because of the lack of equipment which gave me between 15-20 shield kills a game.

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Re: Assault shield needs fixing...

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People clearly aren't understanding, it's not an issue of the "sweet spot" or having the aim connect.

When the enemy is standing still facing the other direction, I walk up and bash them directly in the center of the back at point blank range 4 times and get nothing... clearly something is wrong.

Also I'm not complaining about not being able to get kills, I'm getting an average of 10-15 per game. The problem is that I end up dying a ton because of all the times it doesn't work. Times where there is no question about my aim or hitting the sweet spot, it simply will not connect.  (usually when the enemy is facing the opposite direction standing still)

It's almost almost like the shield shares the same model as the knife only with a different texture (which would be extremely lazy programming on 3arc's part) 

It wasn't broken like this in MW2 & MW3... 

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Re: Assault shield needs fixing...

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omgz its so OP. two hit kill are you keeeeeeeding me. you can lunge like 10 feet with it.

please nerf asap.

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Re: Assault shield needs fixing...

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If you figure out where to plant it, you can use it as a portable head-glitch spot.  In that respect, it is kind of OP.  Fortunately, most shielders don't know what the hell they're doing, so that's not a widespread problem.

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