Assault Shield is officially broken

Black Ops II Xbox 360

So, I've posted a couple threads on what I personally think needs to be improved... Some may agree, others not. However, there's one thing in this game that is actually broken (aside from spawns, matchmaking, lag comp).

That would be the assault shield.

In my efforts to legitimately get diamond for everything (ARs, SMGs, LMGs, Snipers, Shotties & Launchers done), I'm now, partially, onto the assault shield. This thing is a joke.

I can't tell you how many times I've-

1.) Been shot through it while crouchwalking, facing a single oncoming enemy.

2.) Attempted to melee someone, only to be knifed as though I didn't have a shield at all

3.) Missed a melee attempt

Again, I can only ask Treyarch... Why would you put such a useless "weapon" in this game? It's like I'm walking around with a big sign on me that says, "ready & willing".

The only success I've had in using this peice of garbage is in hardcore, and coming across oblivious opponents... And I mean oblivious. How could someone miss me while I'm walking around with this enormous shield on my back?

Overall, the shield seldom blocks bullets while facing the enemy, you can barely melee with it... And, you will frequently get knifed through it while trying to get kills with it.... *facepalm*

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It's the connection

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I'm 4bar?

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Its not that hard, just play hardcore free-for-all

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That's just lol. I see what you did there.

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I do agree that the shield has failed me when it really shouldn't have but the important thing to note is that its not really meant to be used as a 'Weapon'. Its meant more for supporting your time by digging in to an important position or moving up through the frontline where all the chaos is happening.  I personally dont have problems with it not blocking bullets but as for melee killing it wasn't really meant for that in the first place.

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It's in a lot of instances where the enemy is trying to run around me... And I continue facing him... Except his bullets just seem to go through my shield. Then in the kill-cam (which isn't accurate), shows me just continuing to look forward.

I mean, if the kill-cam isn't accurate, what the hell is happening because it sure feels accurate considering, on my screen, I'm facing the enemy throughout the entire exchange... So the only thing that makes sense is that the game isn't acknowleding that I'm reacting.

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Took me a while to get it diamond. I played mostly hardcore for it. And I died a lot.

I couldn't care less about my k/d (especially in a game that's more about connection than skill), but I'd suggest playin ctf or kc

Stun grenades are your best friend

I agree with everthing you say bout it, and then some. It could be one of the most fun things to use, but because it does very little of what its suppose to, it's just frustrating.

I've seen countless final killcams of me getting shot through the shield.

Someone can kill you by throwing a betty into the shield.

The melee is an automatic miss button that'll show ur back to get shot - aim assist on or off, it doesn't make a difference

Sentry guns will bust ur shield after a few seconds

You can't melee or throw a tactical without showing ur entire body

After 2 bullets hit ur shield you are completely blind

They've still only designed it for a 1on1 confrontation, and even then you have to be 100% square on to ur opponent. But they make this game to be a fuster cluck from all direction, all at once - so it's useless.

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Odd, people in my games are such a pain in the ass I despise them to no end.

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I had a guy with a Shield try to kill me 4 times in about 2 mins, he kept spawning near me and my M8A1 just kept gunning him down over and over, all I needed to do was side step or sprint past.

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