Assault Rifles are weak!

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Assault Rifles are weak!

     Assualt Rifles are absolutely useless and have ruined my favorite part of the game. I loved all the assault rifles in mw3, besides the Type-25. Some of the guns may have been OP like the ACR, Type-25, and the AK gun. (Although the recoil canceled out its unstoppable damage). In Black Ops 2 however, the ARs have no advantage. They are beaten in every category.

     Firepower: What a joke. The Scar's damage is the only one I can really believe in. My accuracy is pretty much on point, I only shoot from top half of the ribs up. Fair enough accuracy with each weapon in the category and every gun has a k/d above 2.0. Back to the firepower point though. I've been watching videos on YouTube that do range, damage, spray, and so on reviews on each weapon.

     Let's start with the Mtar. This might my number one AR. It has wonderful iron sights and decent damage with no annoying recoil. It is decent with range but has crap damage at far. CAN'T SHOOT THROUGH ANYTHING.

     The Type 25 is a piece. The fire rate is awesome but it seems to take a lot for me to kill them. The videos I've watched have said 6 at close but on my connections its 7. This is crap though, because the connections are so inconsistent.

     The SWAT is crazy. The burst is probably one of my favorite burst weapons in Cod history. Thus in this game it doesn't matter. The SMGs will swarm and out power it. If you slap the select fire on it, the chances of survival increase.

     Fal is almost flawless. ALMOST. The reload is stupid and it (Depending on the connections) is inconsistent at times.

     The M27 is my worst AR based on stats. Everyone says it's good with the right attachments so I try it out. It fixes one problem but causes another to arise. I hate the amount it takes to kill at long ranges. LMGers will drop you by the time you fire the required amount of rounds.

     SMR is confusing too, I never get it right. The Iron Sights are so bulky and if you don't start shooting the target lower the recoil sends it straight up.

     The M8A1 I hate the most. The burst is 4 rounds, which should be high in damage, takes on average 2 bursts to kill. That's 8 rounds. To much for a burst. Slap on a Select Fire and it's still numerous rounds.

     The an94 is an ak47 wanna be. Dumbass looking iron sights. Sporadic recoil. Damage isn't as good as it should be.

     Range isn't a factor in this game. Spawn flips, small maps, SMGs/LMGs ruin the range. You can take a PDW57 silenced, play on long open range maps (Carrier/Turbine) and still out gun a AR. Don't try to say ya can't. If I can, you can.

     Fire power, as I meant to talk about before I trailed off a little bit, is terrible. Today's CoD games are horribly designed in online connection. We all have experienced the famous lag comp or some type of lag. Today it seems that the only way to win a gun battle is to have a lag advantage. My ARs are super inconsistent, some games I kill three guys in one mag, other times I only kill one with half of a mag. Even if I shoot him/them in the same locations, but when it comes to shooting through objects. . . Wow. Dry wall and glass are the weakest things in an map environment to a bullet. Why can't my bullets penetrate them? Must I really use FMJ? If it was concrete or a full sized mini van body frame sure.

     Reloads are sometimes just dumb. I understand it's cool to add a little flash but they take a little long. Fast mag is good but a waste of a better attachment.

     The iron sights are pretty decent until the recoil comes in. They really ruin the peripheral of the shooter when engaging. They should be simple like the SMGs.

     These are just some off of the head things I dislike about the ARs I can think of at this time. They defiantly can use some work and should be evened out with the other weapons.

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Re: Assault Rifles are weak!

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I have to agree with the M27 being inconsistant. It looks like an M4, so I want to like it, but it is feast or famine with that gun depending on my connection. I think you will have much more success by adding sights to your rifles. Try an EO tech and laser sight on that MTAR for precision at range and unbelievable hip fire.

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Re: Assault Rifles are weak!

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From my goal to reach diamond assault rifles, The only Assault Rifle I've struggled with so far is the M27.

Other than that, the rest of the assault rifles are fine in my opinion.

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Re: Assault Rifles are weak!

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Diamond ARs were the first thing I got diamond and the M27 is actually my favorite and first to get gold. I think its better then what the stats in the game say. However, I have always been a big fan of ARs in all the cod games. Im working on SMG diamonds right now and they dont feel right to me. I guess its just in the eye of the beholder.

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Re: Assault Rifles are weak!

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Play HC, ARs rule. M8A1 is my weapon if choice, one burst every time, apart from extreme ranges.

M27 is also a very popular one, good fire rate and probably the most accurate fully auto AR.

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Re: Assault Rifles are weak!

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In my opinion, at least, the AN-94 is the best gun in Black Ops 2. A fast reload time, with an average fire rate makes it one of the only Assault Rifles where your first instinct isn't to slap on Primary Gunfighter. It is also, due to it's secondary effect in which the first two bullets of each round are fired faster, extremely deadly when burst fired at range, as well as consistently killing in 4 shots at closer ranges.

The MTAR plays similarly without the upside the AN-94 has.

I love the M27 and Type-25 for objective play, but they will cruelly have you searching for a Scavenger bag 50 points short of VSAT when played more cautiously.

The FAL handles significantly better than the SMR when using Select Fire, but the SMR blows it out of the water when used as a Semi-Auto weapon (more reliable 2-shot-kills). Trigger finger is OP. Not enough experience with the SWAT or M8A1 to give you any reasonable comment regarding those.

Scar-H is deadly with practice (recoil mitigation). I fear profficient Scar users above all else.

I'm not doubting your ability, but perhaps give maybe the AN-94 or Scar-H another go?

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Re: Assault Rifles are weak!

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They're only weak if you don't know how to use them! My gun with the highest kd which I actually have a lot off kills with is the Fal. That gun is leathal if used right! Theres a time, place and situation to use all different types of guns in this game! The people who cry for the nerf hammer the most tend to be one trick pony's who use one gun for all situations then start booing when there not doing well!

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Re: Assault Rifles are weak!

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I am saving the Fal to be the last gun I work on for Diamond as I know if I use it I wont go back to the others lol, Working the M8 at the moment Scar type 25, M27, Swat, Mtar all Gold, The Mtar is a ridiculous weapon for so early in the game, it really is a monster if used correctly imho.

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Re: Assault Rifles are weak!

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I really like the ARs in BO2.

Ironically I find the M27 really nice indeed. Very managable recoil with it's slow fire rate. I think the main problem is that Snipers and SMGs are so good it makes the ARs look bad by comparison.

If you are being out sprayed by LMG users, then that is either just bad luck or they are pretty good with the gun and have a range advantage perhaps.

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Re: Assault Rifles are weak!

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The type 25 with Quickdraw, fast mag and grip is awesome

I would personally recommend you give this a go - when burst firing to shoot a target at distance i can take down enemies in 4 bullets - and the rate of fire and what i believe to be good damage in it can be lethal at short distances as well

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