Are you constantly playing the same people day in day out?

Black Ops II Xbox 360

I am.

Today I have seen a fair amount of people who I see every day playing this game. I'm being matched with them and I don't want to be matched with them. They generally camp for their high streak loadouts and often get them because my team just runs at them like a bunch of idiots and die all the time.

FATPAK x RaPiDz is just one of them. Mantrousse is another. Just recently Namnilb who I see practically every day since about a week ago running high streaks and getting them.

I'm not calling these guys out for being stupid or annoying or whatever I just wouldn't like to constantly see them every day. It gets boring knowing your opponents moves and knowing you can do nothing against them cause they run in packs and I'm almost always on a team of  clowns.

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More than likely they live close to you which is why you are getting matched with them often.  I've seen it happen to me in MW3.  My only suggestion would be to party up with a friend that doesn't live nearby and make him the party leader.  That typically will put you into lobbies that are local to him.

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