Anyone think the R870 might be too good?

Black Ops II Xbox 360


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Shotguns are for people who are not that good.   That's why they use it....

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Oh sure, thats why shotguns are used WAY more than SMGs.

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Its been nerfed once, don't expect anymore nerfs to it. It requires close range and accuracy, solid under those conditions, dramatic dropoff when outside.

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Let's think about this.. Shotguns are meant for CQC. SMGs are meant for CQC. Right? Right.

Shotguns will literally only work to the point where Treyarch stops the shots from reaching.

SMGs can fire across the map, with little to no kick, a high ROF, dominating at close, medium, and even long range if you know how to use it. Not to mention the added mobility with SMGs as well.

With the PDW, you can literally spray for several seconds with that enormous clip. With the R870, you miss once, or if it simply doesn't kill, you'll be lucky to get a second shot.

God forbid the Shotguns actually excel at close range, where they're supposed to.
If you don't like it, throw on one of the many SMGs and spray everywhere until you kill said shotgunner.

Besides, they already nerfed the R870 once, you seriously still can't deal with them?

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The Shotguns are actually underpowered IMO.

The R8 is very powerful if your up close, but if you miss or get a hitmarker that first original pump shot, your dead most of the time. Theres been times where ive gotten 3+ hitmarkers on a single person, yet in the same game minutes later proceed to run through 2-5 guys in a matter of seconds. Its not that consistant at all.

The KSG is my personal favorite. This shotgun takes Skill to use. The majority of people hate it and think it sucks, but its actually amazing if you take the time to practice with it. However; the bullet registration can get VERY BAD for this gun depending on what the lag/connection is like at that time.

and then you have the M8/S12 which are both practically useless.

The S12 can be decent in very CQC, but most of the time its a hitmarker machine and the M8 is just utterly embarassing its so bad.

I have diamond shotguns, and iv'e had to use each and everyone of these for a time and there by far not overpowered at all, In fact they could all use a BUFF except for the R8.

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I love it when people say that people who use shotguns are not good lol the people in theory who get killed by a shot gun are not good if your using  AR or SMG. If i get a shot on you first at close range without the guy reacting and killing me how is that a bad player if i miss my first shot i'm dead. I'm a shot gun user only started to use them in BO2 only got 3 bloodthurstys left with the KSG to get diamond

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These shotguns do exactly what they're made for and they do it well. The people who consider these weapons to take no skill to use do not know what they're talking about. Shotguns specialize in close quarters, so if you're being killed by these shotguns, you are obviously in the range to be killed by it. Maybe if some were smart enough to engage the users of them at their weaknesses would they stop crying about it.

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I admit I used to hate shotgun players as much as quickscopers, and never used them in MW3 (my first venture into the CoD series).  I have since changed my stance after trying to get the diamond camo with them.  (I still refuse to quickscope, though.)

I'm about 2/3 of the way done with the M1216 and have the other three gold already.  Getting OHK with this one is definitely interesting at times.  (Getting a 3-hit kill is sometimes elusive!)

The R870 is definitely a powerful weapon compared to any other gun in CQC - as it should be.  Based on my stats, I've only been killed by one gun more times than I've been killed by the R870, and that is the MP7.

MP7: 2261 deaths

R870: 1436

MTAR: 1397

8 between 300-1000 (all AR or SMG)

7 between 100-300 (mix, including the S12 at 104)

10 below 100 (including the KSG at 45 and the M1216 at 31).

Obviously the R870 is the most used of the shotguns, probably in line with the 8:1 killed by ratio of the R870 to all other shotguns combined in my stats. (1436:180 = 7.98:1)  My guess is that anyone using the other shotguns is merely doing so to get the camos, and then will revert back to the R870.

The Killed-BySmiley Very Happyays-Available ratio is now heavily skewed to the Peacekeeper.  About 85 days since release, giving the R870 about a 17 deaths per day for me.  In 2 days since the release of the Peacekeeper I've been killed 173 times by it (86.5/day average).  Let's see how much that settles down over time. 

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I don't understand how people complain so much about lag and then other people complain about the R870 (A obvious connection based gun) that it is OP. When the game has even 1 MINISCULE amount of lag the R870 is useless. Totally a waste of a allocation point. When the game isn't lagging, its beast. As it should be. It is the only shotgun that I would even think about using in close quarters. The hipfire spread got nerfed to oblivion, so when you have to aim down the sight on a shotgun to get long range kills I don't think there is any way it could be called OP.

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