Anyone think the R870 might be too good?

Black Ops II Xbox 360


Yes, I used it. Yes, I think the amount of people using it is too damn high

And if I can easily slaughter an entire team on hijacked with an R870 with no perks and no attachments and about 3 guys camping in the cabin and my only back ups being a pistol, an axe, and a couple stuns, than it must be too good (I'm only slightly above average with a 1.23 KDR and close to reaching 2nd prestige)

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Nope, think its just fine.

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It's fine.  It requires setup to own people with it.   You have to pick your routes more carefully and if you miss on the first shot you probably die.

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Shotgun setup

R870 LB laser

Lightweight, Ghost

Fast Hands

Extreme conditioning, Dexerity

Perk 1 card

Perk 3 card


Your character will run around like he is on crack

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I just used a similar setup and it worked wonders. But I'm not a noob, I'm a 4th prestige - just never played with shotguns

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It's too inconsistent to be OP. I have had games where I couldn't kill a soul because I got nothing but hit markers. And other times point blank shoot them in the back of the head and miss.

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its not too good, its good but its inconsistancy to hit targets and its lack of easy follow up shots because of its pump action evens the weapon out from its high potential damage and range.

i use it too but even at 8 feet aiming at the guy it can miss.

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Hitmarkers seem to only happen when I use the snipers (I got a hitmarker to the chest with the DSR-50 when it kills to the head, neck, chest, stomach, and arms)

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i didnt even get hit registration.

i play hardcore so even the hitmarkers i do get are rarer than anything

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It's a shotgun designed to good for CQC, that's about it.

If players are complaining about being one shot killed within shotgun range, then they have no idea on what a shotgun is suppose to be good at...CQC

So no, it's not too good, it's a shotgun designed to be deadly at CQC.

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