Anyone else wants a Map Pack already?

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Not buying the DLC till hardcore gets some love. Nuketown? Nope, not in hardcore. DOM? Nope. Hardpoint? Nope. League Play? Nope.......I could keep going but why bother. "But hardcore doesn't have enough players". Uh, give us good modes and there will be more. In hardcore you don't feel the affects of lag as bad either cause you don't gotta unload clips. Fix hardcore, then I'll pay.

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If they give it for free YES

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yeah it needs to have these current maps deleted and replaced with free maps as away of 3arc apologising for wasting £40 of my money, if they seriously think i'm dumb enough to beleive this game got 2 years with of passion and love then they are mental, this was bashed out in a year and most of that was probably them wasting time with score streaks and points costs which still suck lol

they need to discount dlc heavily at least to show they are sorry for this mess.

are only hope is that infinity ward stay going there own way as they tend not to do what 3arc do but if i hear that they are score streaking and pick 10ing its game over

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Problem is they never admitted anything was every wrong with apart from the 'usual' stuff. They will certainly not be giving away anything for free. The shareholders would have sleepless nights!

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The only thing that saved me from complete burn out is that i've recently switched to KC from playing TDM all the time. Although you know youre getting tired of it all when you hear yourself sighing when certain maps you dislike come up

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why are you in such a hurry to get screwed out of more money deep down we are all expecting crap maps as usual in the dlc

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If the DLC maps are anything like what we have now, then I won't bother with it. Small, cluttered, flowless, and senseless.

Treyarch, how about giving us some bigger, more open maps? What we have no takes no strategy element. Just sprinting around like an idiot until you find an enemy. It gets old.

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Before New Map Packs they should sort out Ingame Probs. A Patch would be better first

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I find a lot of these responds hilarious.

"Not until the give hc some love"..really? Thy did and they removed one crapppy playlist that nobody played and replaced it with now the most popular hc mode. Be happy!

And really?!!?!! You want larger open maps?? Give your head a shake all it would be is snipers and rage quitting. This isn't mw2 or 3 where every weapon was a laser beam and shot 10000 meters perfectly. In this game the weapons are innacurate for a reason (this is probably why most people think the game is "broken") it's flat out harder to hit things with weapons in this game and back when comparing mw3 and blops1 people loved that blops1 was harder to hit people. People complained hard that kill times in mw3 were to fast. Now we get what we wanted and cried for and you want to go back to what you hated??

You guys are "fruitcaked" up.

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harder to hit anything in this game????

this game is so easy its un true, hip fire is mentally easy to do, QS is easier to do

i've not really noticed any recoil on any guns by that i mean recoil that makes them harder to hit with

all these guns are pretty much lasers

as for bigger maps, i don't want vast open spaces just ones that are well designed unlike these lifeless bland repetitive headglitch happy messes we have now

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