Anyone else wants a Map Pack already?

Black Ops II Xbox 360

The maps feel like i am playing this game since 2 years already.

The flow on these maps is always the same, every match feels the same, not many good sniping spots, just braindead smg rushing, thats it.

I wish all 4 map packs would be out already so i don't have to play these monotone maps anymore.

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I'm looking forward to what new camo they will be putting in with the first map pack.

As for smg maps.. This is what they want so itll be more of the same. But I love it myself!

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Glad you like the maps. If the dlc maps are the same as the current maps then i won't buy it, the flow on these maps is so boring, sorry its just my opinion.

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Not giving them a dime unless they fix the network issues. Also, won't be buying the game for my daughter for Christmas or recommending the game to anyone.

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There's a saying " You can't polish a turd but you can stick a flag in it! "

Wouldn't be any better.

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impatient much? It has always taken at least 3 months before any dlc was released for the game. Never expect dlc for CoD to come out any quicker than that, you just get your hopes up to high and that is not really a smart thing to do.

And who is to say any of the dlc maps will be any different than the ones in the game now. They could build them exaclty along the same design flow as these maps.

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No, I wont spend any money on this company at all.... even if its the BEST MAPS EVER the game is fundamentally flawed to the point where it will not change any thing....

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yep- they need to fix the connection issues 1st.

I want to love this game I really do.

Loved mw2,3,bo1 and mw1.

The connection issues are super bad tho on bo2.

I am sad i bought the season pass at midnight madness.

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No, these maps on the disc are bad desgined, only good ones are Slums and Raid and even those get boring after you played them enough, the flow on all these maps is always the same and not excited, big dissapointment.

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They probably will having experience of the last lot of DLC that was available for BO.

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