Any other "Better than Average Players" feel useless?

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I'm ok - Just your avg 1:1 kdr. I think my highest was 1.42 in MW.

I'm more upset by not being able to string anything together as far as killstreaks or... now scorestreaks. I like the idea. I could get a chopper gunner or dogs before on 18 kills. But now? My highest is like 725 and I honestly think that was in my very first game at 12:20 in the morning. Whats your highest scorestreak? I can barely get a hunter killer or care package with hardline! LOL

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You guys are not alone. I used to get 4 or even higher KDR quite often but now I'm having a hard time getting even. My overall KD is at 1.25 ATM. I find myself getting frustrated and that causes me to run around more than I did in MW3. I need to keep in mind to slow my pace down. I also can't use the killstreaks anymore as Treyarch decided to up their numbers. They're just too high to achieve on a consistent basis. I'm now strugling to get a Hellfire Missile while I used to get 2-3 Preds in MW3. BO2 is more of a gun vs gun game and being on the good side of lag. I sometimes feel like my bullets are going through my enemies and their bullets curve. I noticed lately that I often made it to cover but I still die due to heatseeking bullets on this game that seems to curve.

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Wouldn't call it heatseaking bullets. Most cover in this game is useless since the bullets go through everything. I kinda enjoy it more, but it is frustrating at times.

I was messing around with some buddies in the level Raid, with the big house. If you run FMJ your bullets can go through the entire house. (6 walls at 1 angel) and kill a person on the otherside of the map. Kinda funny

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Oh I started out yesterday 3.5 kd first 10 or so matches. Got close to about 9pm est, connection felt odd. Just decided it was because people got on the internet at my house. Got off.

Defened the game saying the connection was better.

Came home to play to day. Absolutely terrible. Changed DNS. Worked for one game. Terrible again. It's embarassing. People seem like gods and I am just dying, spawn, run, die. Repat. Might go and get Halo. Then sell this on Amazon. How do you like that Treyarch. Instead of someone's $60 going to you, there gonna pay me about $50.

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My performance based on weapons:

SVU: I perform like a fish in outer space

SWAT556: I perform like a fish on dry land
MP7: I perform like I normally do with ARs in MW3... That is; Worse than with SMGs.

While MW3 heavily favored SMGs, then ARs and gave snipers a chance on many maps...
Black Ops 2 simply do not allow me to use the SVU.

It sais: DON'T YOU DARE TRY TO USE A SNIPER THAT ONLY TWO HIT KILLS AS A BATTLE RIFLE, and gives me the worst ADS speed I have ever experienced, coupled with the weirdest online experience I have had:

I can NEVER, EVER aim down my ACOG sights and fire two shots at an enemy in a face to face encounter.

In MW3, I can at the very least spice up the game with RSASS and Dragunov -- instead of only and always using the Mk 14.

Yet I perform miles and miles and miles better with the ACOG dragunov, without quickdraw, than I perform with the SVU in black ops 2.

The ACR was clearly overpowered in MW3, versus snipers and LMGs.

Yet, now the snipers are weaker and all the ARs I have touched feels like the ACR from MW3.

I know Black Ops is the anti-sniper call of duty, but come on!

Why would ANYONE use the SVU over the semi.-auto battle rifles or the one hit kill sniper rifle with approximately the same rate of fire and ADS speed?

In short:
Weapon balance is horrible at the moment, worse than MW3 -- where every weapon feels solid, apart from CM901, Dragunov, MP5 and UMP.
But they don't feel like wielding an eel.

Oh well.
I guess I'll stick to SMGs in BO2 and just sprint around and auto-flank people as they spawn.

The core of the game is awesome; The weapon design, the movement -- but the maps and weapons stats are lacking, and the lag comp is a bit wacky -- as if the devs have doubled it.

The aim assist is extreme: It very often takes my sights 10 feet past the point the enemy walked behind a wall, and I don't even have to aim manually to hit people who are moving because the aim assist feels more like magnetic aim than sticky aim.

Overall, the netcoding feels like it's TRYING to force everyone down to 1.0 KD by any means necessary -- and up to 1.0 KD by the opposite means.
THAT is annoying.

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I feel you I'm having the same problem. I'm playing by myself and lose almost everygame. Even when I do good everyone else on the team goes 3 - 18. Something isn't right in the game.

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I was the same at the start of every CoD game started off difficult and frustrating. Just a little bit of a learning curve for each game. Played the crap outta this game so far and am starting to get a little better. Was pulling 10-14 for my avg game. Now going around 20-5 avg.

Edit: I do agree that the higher up point streaks are almost impossible to get.

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The age old argument of KD...Well, I can only really think of two game types where KD really matters and that's TDM and FFA barely followed by KC. Sure kills help on objective based modes, but in the end it's the objective that matters most.

With that being said - I'm an average player 1.5 KD and have had some pretty awesome games where I go 44-15, (on CTF - Objective based*) and our team won, etc, but someone on my team went 10-25 and had more points cause he was capping/returning.

So while hitmarkers and connection may be an issue bringing up your KD and deeming yourself an above average player is silly. Average I'm sure isn't 2.0.



EDITED: p.s. To the OP, once you learn the maps better and unlock what you need to, I'm sure your skill at this game will overpower the lag comp, and you'll do just fine for not only you, but your team.

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I felt this way initially (got on at 4pm EST), then all of a sudden I was a beast for about 10 maps after the new MP patch dropped.  After that, it was hit or miss, some maps I'd start 1-10+ (spawn killing, even on HC CTF was getting annoying), then I'd be back to 30-10 for a couple maps (usually the same people each round, as neither team wanted to leave).  Of course we were playing HC CTF, and it felt like sometimes you'd be dead before they even turned the corner to be seen and shot.

Honestly, I think it's just that these launch day servers are so overwhelmed that they haven't gotten the whole lag/connectivity issue resolved yet.  Hopefully it'll improve in the next week, and maybe start being more consistent when it comes to shooting someone, so you more rarely get the Hardcore shooting them in the back of the head 10 times, and they turnaround and shoot you in the foot once and kill you.

Also, this was the first time most of my group had "Moderate" connections instead of the normal "Open" connection.  Typically, having a "Moderate" connection really screws up a room if one person has it, when you have 3+ people running with it, frustration abounds.  We were able to reset our modems/routers once or twice and get OPEN again, but I'm sure opponents weren't paying attention or didn't care that they all of a sudden were showing MODERATE on their connection type.

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The very first game I played on launch day early on, with under 500k players, I thought I had died and gone to CoD heaven.  The game was playing great.  I was getting bullet reaction like I always wanted.

Later that night, and since, I have had some of the worst play experience I can recall.  I'm getting killed instantly, killed behind walls, and it seems like it takes me twice the bullets to kill anyone than it takes them to kill me.

Last night I quit the game in disgust, and sure enough, Migrating host...

Come on guys, seriously, I can understand wanting to work around the host advantage, but why are you making the hosts worse off than other players in the game?

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