Another Crappy Day

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Another Crappy Day

I really don't understand this game. I'm trying to like it. I like the maps for the most part, the class 10 system, but my connection issues are just down right infuriating. I've gone online three times today and it's been shitty connections all day long. I've gotten maybe one or two matches where I actually stood a chance in a face to face fight. At best I'm a half sencond behind the action, at worst probably over a second. It took me an entire clip to shoot someone in the back.

Now I know my internet connection is not fibreop but I'm four bars 95 percent of the time. A four bar connection should not be behind the action constantly by a second or more. It doesn't matter if the whole lobby is four bars, I still lag behind. I mean I quit playing out of complete and utter disgust three times today. I've never quit playing BO1 out of disgust. I had the occasional bad connection, but I could move on to another lobby and continue playing. Today with BO2 I can join 10 lobbies and they are all complete shit for me.

I've invested over a hundred dollars in this game and I really want to get some enjoyment out of it, but right now it's useless for me to play it.

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Re: Another Crappy Day

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Give HC a try. I play daily and have had some connection issues, but pretty much what you see in game is what happens. The Health Regen and craziness of Core seems to exacerbate the lag.

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Re: Another Crappy Day

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I am wondering how much of it is actually connection based.

The last two days of The Double XP I was having awful problems killing players, then I saw a video posted on here!

I was using <or attempting> to use the swat 556 with select fire and Silencer to complete challenges and camos.

Turns out many of those games it was the GUN not the connection.

It makes one wonder what other gun/attachment/perk combonations might be breaking the gun mechanics randomly following each patch?

It would look <as id did with me> like connection issues <hit markers dissappearing bullets etc>..

Does make one think.

Oh I got probation a few times due to this issue, so thanks for the extra time out bonus for using a broken gun lol.

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